Well, that was weird.

I can’t even begin to describe the past couple of days. Aside from working overtime and knitting fiendishly there were some traumatic and climactic events in there. In the past 5 days I have:

  • dealt with more than one seriously crazy person. Honestly, the police were called once.
  • worked more than I should.
  • finished inventory at the store (hopefully for a good 6 months or so).
  • got nicely sunburnt. My own fault, I forgot to put on sunscreen.

So, now some pictures to distract and explain some of that mess up there, we have… A List of Arbitrary, Yet Sensible, Rules. Feel free to send me more to add to the list. And, I also have some pictures for your added evening entertainment.

One sock, started last summer. As of Saturday morning:


After watching Iron Man that afternoon. Great movie, btw. LOVE RD,Jr. Moving on…


Since I was knitting in dark theater, I went with the Peasant Heel option. Hopefully I won’t regret this decision later.

Inventory was done after the movie and knit-in-the-dark sock above. The next day (today) and my one day off this week, Mum and I went to Sauvie Island and played in the mud. No frogs were hurt. Though Charlie might have traumatized one or two. He also managed to get quite muddy and smelly during our little adventure, so when we got home I gave him a bath.

It’s such a ridiculous thing. He joyfully bound into the water to try and catch frogs and fish, but the moment I came near him with soap and clean water he started howling so loudly I bet the neighbors thought I was skinning him alive or something. Sheesh. And, even better, as soon as I let him back in the house he:


Started rubbing himself on the floor.  And walls.  And furniture. Oy. There was water (and dog hair) everywhere. And the only way I could get near him with a towel was to lay one down on the couch so he could rub himself on it :P


After that my day (and week) got a lot less interesting. All laundry and knitting and watching Ninja Warrior. I did, in the midst of mountains of dirty clothing, manage to finish Mum’s Mothers Day socks:


  • Yarn: 1 skein of Chewwy Spaghetti’s Spaghettoni, a sport-weight sock yarn. Color: “Vainglorious”.
  • Gauge: 6 sts/ inch or so. I kinda didn’t swatch or, uh, measure my gauge once during this project. I just eyeballed it and for once that worked. Probably the first and last time it’ll ever happen to me.
  • Needles: 3.25mm, 24″ circs
  • Pattern: improvised

And that’s about everything. No Mean Feet is tomorrow night and I’m almost done with my Distracted Socks (one repeat and a cuff left!), so I’ll hopefully get to CO a new pair.


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