Determined to become a well-rounded archaeologist, Sara began studying traditional crafts during her first year at the University of Oregon. After a single weaving class, she developed a love obsession for textiles that changed her life.  Being utterly practical, she majored in Classical Civilization with a Minor in Latin and a focus on ancient textiles.

Years later, Sara is now an accomplished weaver, spinner, and knitter who is paying off her student loans (and supporting her stashing habit) by working at Urban Fiber by day and designing knitting patterns by night. 

After designing for Knit Purl and Shibui Knits, Sara decided to branch out with her original pattern line, Rose City Knits, in the summer of 2011. In July 2014, Sara closed Rose City Knits for a variety of reasons. Her patterns are still available through Ravelry and should (hopefully!) be available through her website (here!) soon.

To contact Sara, for support or with questions, please email her at fyberduck(at)gmail(dot)com.