The Mathematics of a Traditional Heel

Calculate: how many heel-flap stitches there are, how many heel-flap rows to knit, where to place the turns, how many stitches will remain after turning the heel, and how many gusset stitches to PU & K. Perfect for converting patterns to different sizes and gauges.

How to Read a Chart (coming soon)

Tips and tricks for making it through those complicated charts in popular knitting patterns.

How to Calculate Felting Handknits

Calculate: felting shrinkage. It’s all in the swatch.

Hand-felting Handknits Perfectly (coming soon)

Ever wonder how you can felt a garment evenly? An easy, old-fashioned method might just be the answer.

Crocheted Eyelet Cast-Off

A cast-off created for toe-up socks, making for an elastic cuff without the fuss of sewing off the hem.

Knitting 2 Sox on 2 Circs

Written for Socktoberfest 2006, this tutorial offers step-by-step instructions on how to knit two socks on two circulars – providing you with a complete pair when you CO or graft your toes. Instructions included for both short-row heels and traditional heel flaps & gussets.

Fyberduck’s Recommended Reads (PDF)

A verrry long list of useful books on knitting, spinning, weaving, costume construction, and textile history.


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