plying my way

“Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself.”
Terry Pratchett

My main achievements today? Plying 3 bobbins worth of yarn. If we ignore the fact that I managed a Costco run, and got some cleaning done. Anyway, back to the yarn.

1 bobbin-full of vegan yarn for my Handspun/ Handcrafted Swap partner:

(I sat and spun on the back porch this afternoon,
since it was so nice outside)

1 of baby alpaca/ silk waste for heaven knows who. (not pictured)

And 1 of Aurora (1/2 superwash, 1/2 baby alpaca), for myself:

I have another bobbin’s worth of Aurora left to ply, but my shoulders and knees are tired. So, that’s it for the night. As soon as there’s enough hot water again, I’m claiming the bathtub.

Tomorrow, err, this morning, the workmen return (heaven help me) to sand the oak floors. Oy. I’m planning on escaping to TKS to visit St M before we go to Mdme DeFarge’s. We’ve been kicked out of our long-standing venue, Perugino’s, for gathering too large a crowd. Uh huh.

So, now we’re trying another bar/ cafe. Should be cool. Maybe I’ll even remember to bring my camera.

(don’t count on it)


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