walk like an Egyptian

All the old paintings on the tombs
They do the sand dance don’t you know
If they move too quick (oh whey oh)
They’re falling down like a domino
L. Sternberg)

I’m feeling really silly, in case it isn’t obvious. Very extremely silly. Heaven only knows why. Probably because I’m completely off-schedule (blame an allergic reaction to onions for that) and can’t get my body back on track.

But, despite this, I’ve made a lot of progress on my too-many various projects. D’s gansey is only an inch away from the upper-body patterning. The SKB is past the lace on the right sleeve. The Dulaan mitten is almost past the thumb gusset. And, I have two more skeins to add to the pile for my handspun hoody:

At least I was cozy, right?

And, here’s the complete pile:

It’s sooooo soft, I just sat and cuddled my yarn for a minute or two there. Superwash merino and baby alpaca (sigh). It’s also very soothing, I must admit. Whilst spinning the superwash to ply with the alpaca I spun yesterday (or the day before?), Mum and I watched The Princess Bride. For the 653rd time. I literally sat there, spinning and NOT watching the screen, calling out my favourite lines in synch with the movie.

Sometimes even I wonder if I should go out and get a life.

Anyway. Part of tonight’s sillyness is sponsored by “The Saint” (the TV show). We have the BBC as part of our dish package, and are a little too attached to it. Mum, Emm, and I have a long-standing tradition of pretending we’re on “Mystery Science Theatre 3000” to really bad TV shows and such.

And, since the original “The Saint” is as campy as you get, we got silly. To compound this, tonight’s featured episode involved a gianormous PAPIER-MÂCHÉ ant (sniggers again). And a mad scientist. And Welsh peasants and… oy. It was great.

Anyway. I pointed out (at some point) that The Saint’s little logo-guy looked like an Egyptian figure. Seriously. Doesn’t it look like it’s walking like an Egyptian:

I may be crazy, but I’m not completely insane ;D

Only mostly.

It’s 2:43 and I’m not even tired. Blast. I’ll go and … something. I need to check my email, but really don’t want to. Bleh, too many mailing lists and crap. I really need to get on that monkey-breeding program…


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