nothing spectacular

Just trying to be honest. When I am Queen of the Universe, I shall make it IMPOSSIBLE for any creature to become sick twice in as many weeks OR any human female to have her period TWICE in one month. My crankiness level has reached terrifying levels. I don’t even want to be in the same room as me.

Apparently, it has become quiet clear that I am a woman on the Edge (yes, with a capital ‘E’) since my father bought (bribed) me with 3 sets of Clover mini-circulars (my mini-circ collection IS complete!), a black Lantern Moon sheep measuring tape, and enough wool to knit another SKB. He didn’t even complain about the price. Wow, on later reflection, I must have been scary this morning. But, petting the wool for a while def’ly calmed me down, as I took a nap later. At least I no longer felt like twitching by the time we got home.

You might have guessed that Dad and I spent all bloody day running errands. We tracked down the new Reconstructionist/ Conservative Shul in town (the Reformed one scares us, and the Orthodox is w/o a Rabbi), harassed both the DMV and the YMCA, went by Soft Horizons (a LYS) who were having a sale on Clover needles (thank you Miriam for telling me!!), Michael’s in search of a lamp-shade frame (where we got 6 balls of Paton’s Merino on sale when they turned out not to have wire lamp-shade frames), and two different lamp shops.

Finally, finally!, we got a lamp shade for FREE. Bless the proprietor’s heart. I have a plan. For a pattern. We’ll see if it works. I’m thinking Knitty or Magknits might be interested. Anything’s possible.

I should feel guilty, I suppose, for spending so much of Dad’s money, but I warned him not to let me near any yarn today and he did. I warned him. In advance. And yet, somehow, we ended up in the knitting section of Michael’s. How these things happen is a mystery to me. Honestly. Okay, I do kind of feel guilty, but not much. I really want to swatch for the SKB now. But, I shan’t, since I’m still working on Mum’s b-day gift. I’ve already finished Emmett’s. And now I want to name it ‘Chartres’.

I promise to post pix laters.


4 thoughts on “nothing spectacular

  1. Awww. I’m sorry you’ve got a case of the icks and the crabbypants because of it. I’ll bring you guys a map [it’s not that hard, but some folks have gotten confused] to my apartment tomorrow evening. Looking forward to it.

  2. Feeling better? I’m glad that you got clovers and yarn out of it though. Good luck finishing your mom’s b-day gift (that reminds me that I should start thinking of those sorts of things…)

  3. Happy new needles day! Sorry to hear you’re feeling cranky — the grey weather here is not much for mood lifting. I just realized that Sock Wars starts tomorrow, so there’s hope, right?

  4. Hope you’re feeling better. =(

    And while I want to see how your SKB comes along, I’m trying very hard to avoid mention of them. I want to knit my own, and yet AM NOT LETTING MYSELF start it or even buy the pattern & yarn until I have a handle on my Christmas gifts. Otherwise, I will start about 50 different things, and never finish any of them.

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