I have no immune system whatsoever

I think I’ve caught the bug that M caught from J (her boss). Joy. We knitter’s certainly know how to share, eh? I’ve currently living off of hot tea. I love ginger tea. And the electric kettle. It’s nearly my salvation right now. I admit that I am a complete wuss when it comes to having a sore throat. But, in my defense, it’s a result of having Scarlet Fever a few years ago – since then I kinda freak out whenever my throat swells up.

Umm, lemme see, I’ve had a request or two for piccies of the duck I gave to the Harlot, so here they be…

From the front, wearing the shawl w/ a UO pin:

And, from the back – the snowdrops are visible:

I completely stole the pix from Emmos’ blog, and there’s been a slight mix-up –
the shawl is made of Egyptian cotton, not cashmere.

In Knitting/ Dyeing News, I finished dyeing the pantas for Deepfriedkids last night (IYP3 Swap). Interesting how old adages come and bite you on your @ss periodically. The whole thing with a new morning and sunlight and all that is true. When I went to bed I hated how they had turned out – they looked muddy and dark. But, this morning, in sunlight, they were bright and cheerful – the colours that my partner wanted. Which was a definite relief.

I have made no progess on the IYP3 sox, alas, having spent all night cursing the crockpot and One Shot dyes. But, I think I can get them done today, and everything sent off to their respective desitinations.

My mother’s and brother’s birthdays are in two weeks (Sept 21 & 22), so I need to get a move on those projects. Mum’s lace shawl is coming along – and I think she has no idea that I’m making it for her (mwahaha). But, I have absolutely no fricking idea what to make for my brother. No idea whatsoever. Any suggestions? I was going to make him sox, but he’s weird about sox. And he likes for everything to be soft. Maybe just a hat. Crimeny.

Blast… I’m about to run out of tea. Need to put the kettle on.


5 thoughts on “I have no immune system whatsoever

  1. Can you make EM something related to a game or anime that he likes?
    My sis loved it when I made her a little cat/bunny doll (from some anime, I can never remeber, one of those strange Japanese hybrid animals), and a cake which was intricately frosted to match the said cat/bunny or was it kitty/rabbit?
    Or maybe a cute hat like Kristin made? Or some kind of fake weaponry????

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