the first step

… Admitting that I am powerless over my yarn addiction doesn’t even cover it.

All I can do is gape at the cache I just unearthed.

Just. Wow.

I’d forgotten I’d bought these yarns (or spun them). I’m certain that I have twice my weight in yarn, and 3x it in fiber. I thought those boxes were full of books. (No, wait, I moved all my boxes of books into the basement… ooops) The word “egads!” comes to mind.

When I was trying to track down all the bobbins of yarn for the Dalebarn pattern, I found two boxes of yarn and numerous plastic bags of yarn and fiber. How much did I spend on this stuff? Where the heck am I going to put it all when I move out?

No one can knit THAT fast!

I can’t believe I was either, a) that stupid, or b) that forgetful.

“Yarn Diet” doesn’t cover the drastic measures I need to take. I hereby ban myself from yarn/ fiber shopping until I can actually fit my entire stash under my bed. (For those of you not in The Know, I have a double sized loft bed – it’s like two walk-in closets. And, no, I can’t fit my entire stash under it… it’s spread)

I also found 2 pairs of socks I was working on (but got bored with after the heels), my Mom’s sweater, the “fancies of flight” projects, and numerous books. How … ?


This is so embarassing.

I can’t donate the yarn to the Guild, since we’re overrun. Shite, I took some Guild yarn home to thin down the office stash (big mistake). Maybe D will want some…

I should start doing Drive By Yarn-ings… hehehe. I’m seriously considering prize possibilities. My students all have too much yarn, too, tho. Maybe the Craft Center could use some.

Ideas? Requests?

Okay, idea! (honest to g-d):

  • Anyone who donates to the Char-knitty Challenge will get their choice of yarn or fiber (got some great superwash/ tencel sitting here, some painted Merino, TONS of Shetland… on and on and on… handspun yarn…). Just forward me your confirmation email and mailing address (heck, make a request, I’ve probably got some of whatever you want), and I’ll send it off by the 11th. You have ’til midnight of May 10. (Previous donations count)

Instant Karma :D I’m sure this doesn’t count as bribery.It’s a rewards program.


It’s really too bad that I can’t knit my Costume Construction final project, isn’t it? Blast.


3 thoughts on “the first step

  1. If you are looking for a place to donate some yarn, one of my knitting peeps teaches little kids in a volunteer setting and she’d love to have some halfway decent yarn for a change.

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