Family time!

As promised, the long-overdue post about Alexa & Tegan’s visit :)

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The girls came up on the 19th and spent three days with us.  Immediately, Tegan’s first request was a trip to Powell’s*.  We promised her that’d be our first trip the next day; and, in fact, we managed to hit three different Powell’s locations (one by accident, but that’s another story).

We got many, many books at the downtown location (plus an origami kit – seen in the photos), then got even more origami paper at the Home & Garden Powell’s on Hawthorne.

Tegan got really into the #origamigraffiti and was a pro at placing (and hiding) it.  My favorite was when she snuck several cranes into decorative mugs at Bipartisan.  We put #origamigraffiti in some really original places at her suggestion.

Other journeys included a trip to Voodoo Doughnut Too, nominally to get her a Voodoo t-shirt and a dozen doughnuts, but also to show off the Voodo topiary.  If you haven’t been to Voodoo Too, don’t miss the topiary :)  For the record, she liked the Dirty Doughnut, which is one of my faves.  We also ended up at OHSU because I had an appointment (and I thought they might want to ride the tram – no dice).

Things I noticed:

  1. Tegan is SO BIG.  I couldn’t handle it.
  2. Tegan is the cutest 7-year-old in the world.  Sorry if you don’t agree, but that’s my totally unbiased opinion.
  3. Origami is an awesome craft for kids (which I kind of already knew/ suspected).
  4. I totally forgot to teach her to knit.  I’ve been meaning to.
  5. I am seriously impressed with my sister’s (and Karen’s) parenting abilities.

So, yeah.  We had a fantastic visit (I hope they agree) and really wish we could see them more often.  All in all, it was just the pick-me-up we needed after this Fall/ Winter.

Sooo… next time, so much to share.  Until then, if you’re in the area, I hope you’re enjoying the gorgeously unseasonable weather.  If you’re not, maybe you should hop onto a plane.  It was 66F today and super sunny.


*No joke.  She’s a Morris, for sure.



I know, I know – I promised my next post would be about Alexa and Tegan’s visit last week. Not going to happen. Mostly because my brain is melting out of my head. So, instead, I bring you my latest crazy idea…


You may have been seeing my photos on instagram and twitter with the hashtag #origamigraffiti and been wondering what the heck I’m on about. Well, it’s like this…

After spending the last 2.5 years in and out of the hospital and doctors offices, I had an idea for spreading good will and cheer – with origami graffiti. Little anonymous (or not) gifts for others. The idea is to leave origami in places where people will find and enjoy them. Ideally, as a happy surprise during an otherwise stressful time.

So, I’ve been testing the idea and it’s been quite successful. People pick them up and play with them, they move them around, and some even take them home (which is also cool). Point in case: Mum and I dropped off 3 origami cranes at a pharmacy last week and when we came back, they were all sitting in pride of place – on top of the registers.

I even got my sister and Tegan into it, and will share many pictures of them folding paper in my next post (really).

So, that’s that. I invite you to join me in my quest to bring joy to the world – one fold at a time.  All I ask is that you remember to use the hashtag #origamigraffiti when you share pictures on Instagram or Twitter :)

what a week

How is it February 24th? Last week went by in a rush. There were many doctors appointments and trips to the pharmacy (no news, alas) and endless calls to my new insurance company. Ugh. The highlight of last week, without question, was a visit from my sister and niece. Which was awesome and deserves its very own post – and should happen tomorrow (when I’m not quite so brain dead after hours of trying to track down a real human being to talk to). Until then, I wanted to share something the cat lovers out there will appreciate:

Due to the weird construction of our house, the only place our Blu-Ray/ streaming device (for Netflix, Hulu, etc) will work is on top of the DVD/ Blu-Ray case – the new favorite stoop for both cats, but Purl especially can be seen up there several times a day.

She also has an unfortunate tendency to sit on the Power and Open/Close buttons, which usually leads to her freaking out and jumping off like something bit her.  Best of all, it drives Mac (Mom’s Westie) absolutely nuts that the cats can get up there but he can’t.  So he’ll sit on the stairs and whine at whichever cat is perched.

I snapped this shot to document the craziness.  After all, everyone should appreciate it.

Hopefully all that makes sense.  I’m feeling spectacularly stupid after hours on hold and calling, calling, calling today.  Tomorrow should be better.