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Little big update

It is not pattern news I bring today, but the happy (and overdue) update regarding my website. For a long (really, really long) list of reasons, I’m closing Rose City Knits down and moving everything over to my name. Aside from the need for name recognition in the design world, it’s also problematic from a contract perspective to host everything through a business without my name in it.

So, the transfer is still in progress; but, I feel confident enough in my new website to share.

The new homepage.

The new homepage.

It’s (obviously) not complete, but is up and working and getting the hits – which totally counts as a success for me :)

I’d love for you to take a look around and give me feedback. Suggestions are always welcome!

As for the sweaters, I really need to tie myself down to a chair and sew on some (10) darned buttons. And weave in ends. Finishing will be the end of me.


Here be winners!

Amazingly, there were quite a few entrants in this month’s contest (I’ve decided to do monthly contests, just for the fun) – so, yay!  Thank you, everyone, who entered.  Our lucky winners are:

  1. Sara P.
  2. Camille K.
  3. Michele B.

If you’re one of the speedy three, please let me know which Rose City Knits pattern (in addition to Vero Verto) you’d like to receive :D

(To keep things fair, next month’s contest will be a random drawing.)

In other news, if you’ve been watching my social media feed(s), you’re probably wondering why I keep posting #origamigraffiti

We-ell, I’ll be explaining that soon.  Plus releasing some new patterns.  Lots in the works here.  All I need is enough time to get it all done!

Mini Update: Rocket Pop Socks

While a longer, more in-depth update is long overdue, I am a little overwhelmed right now with the sheer quantity of work that piled up as I was being treated for an ass-kicking* kidney infection. So, just so’s to prove that I ain’t dead yet, I present a new pattern:


And that’s about all I got for now. If I haven’t responded to your message(s), I swear by the stash it’s on the To-Do List of Doom. Really.

*Posterior: mine