I was never so grateful to be woken than this morning. Even if it meant that I had to take a cold shower (thanks Dad and Emm for using all the hot water) and rush out of the house. Oh, wait, did I say rush? Even though I was woken at 10:03 am (exactly) it still took the ‘rents until NOON to leave for Eugene. I scrambled through morning prep only to sit in front of the TV with my knitting for over an hour. Woot.

I took a picture of the new kneehigh spocks, which are ever so much better now that I have The Knowledge, en route:

traveling KH spocks

Somewhere between Portland and Salem methinks – since I’m past the calf-shaping and nearly to the heel now AND I also managed to knit on my Discworld swap goodies as well (Dad is a really, really, really slow driver). We arrived in Eugene at 3 pm. Yes, 3 pm. Admittedly we stopped in Salem to get lunch, but… well, I have no explanations.

I was shocked to see the new state of the old house:

old house

Those horrible garden beds we spent two summers slaving over?

The Passionflower Vines o’ Destruction?
Gone. (And I bet the bees are pissed)

The Canoe?
Gone as well.

Along with: Mum’s saw-blades, various “artwork” and sculptures, the teak benches, all of the flowers in the house beds, and, well… everything. It was very surreal. Going In was weirder. The whole house had been repainted and recarpeted and re-I-don’t-know-what.

I helped Mum pack up her paintings, Dad move his cedar chest and the freezer, and Mum and I set out to defy Portland rushhour traffic. Which, strangely enough, we didn’t hit. At all. We got home less than 2 hours after departing from Eugene.


I realised today how much I miss the East Coast every fall as we drove down the I-5 corridor. That top photo tells it all. In Maryland right now it’s probably orange and red and yellow everywhere. Here? Green and grey. So dreary. I love Oregon summers, but the other seasons are lackluster.

Ohwell. I will see fall foliage once again. I’m trying to drag Mum out to Sauvie Island, which was covered in deciduous trees, in hopes of seeing something other than 50 shades of green and grey.

I know. I shouldn’t complain. In fact, right now I should be knitting – since I spent so much time today not knitting. What I need is a slave-driver with a drum, only instead of the chant being “stroke” or “row” every drum beat, it’d be “knit” (or “purl”).

Nah, doubt it’d help.

soooo tired

Spent most of the morning and afternoon moving and unpacking, yes you guessed it, yet more boxes! I’m beginning to think they reproduce in the night. Or move themselves about. By 3:30 pm, I had cleared out the center of the garage, redeposited 3x my weight in boxes on the top shelves of two closets, and managed to finally strong-arm the shed in the back yarn open. Emm got to clean the house. Dad’s down in Eugene prepping the old house for sale. And Mum was in bed, recovering from her spinal tap.

Oooh… fun.

By 4, Emm and I were dirty, sweaty, and dusty. He collapsed in front of his computer. Me, with of my spinning on the couch. I managed to fill my first quill this afternoon:

And then started on a second one…

This little plot just may work. It would be nice to manage not to break the thread when plying every couple yards or so. I just hope I’m winding the quill right. Strange as it may sound, there is a science to this – shuttle bobbins for weaving have to be wound just so, as do cones of yarn for weaving or knitting. It’d be just my luck to wind it in exactly the wrong way.

After spinning for a bit, I got back to work on my cami. As it languishes in my knitting basket right now, it looks something like this:

(only not so dark and blurry)

The side seams, armscyes, and most of the ends are woven in. All that’s left to knit is the neckline and to weave in the ends from the finishing. I had such a throbbing headache by 8 pm, I threw in the towel for the night. The family was so exhausted we actually ordered pizza for dinner.


We have to go down to Eugene tomorrow to finish packing up Mum’s artwork. Someone please kidnap rescue me in the night. I’ll pay you in yarn…

The MSN hates me


Since I’m deeply afraid the wi-fi’ll die on me (yet again), I’m going to keep this short and sweet:

  • The Seaside socks are past their gussets
  • Penny sent me a lovely, and very ducky, package but I can’t post pictures yet *more sulking* because the MSN hates me
  • More boxes have been unpacked
  • Mum and I climbed Mt Tabor yesterday (don’t recommend it to the faint-hearted) and I took a lovely photo of the view from the top, but (yep, you guessed it) can’t put it up because the MSN hates me.
  • Found a cute knittery and cafe down the street. But, in my expert opinion, I’m afraid they need more yarn.
  • Found an organic butcher (inside an organic shop, yay)
  • Sent a package to Tammy today as a ‘thank you’ (note to self: send her an email so she doesn’t suspect a letter-bomb)
  • Went to bank, PO, and DMV to change address. Woot, lines are such fun.

And, now, we get to find out if I can post at all…

ver’ quick update

  • Ver’ tired. Haven’t gotten a full night’s rest in nearly a week.
  • Got earplugs – I can actually hear my father snore through two walls. I have no idea how my Mum shares a room with him.
  • More unpacking done today. Found the DVD player and the toaster and baking supplies. Woot.
  • Dad and Emm drove to Eugene and back today to return the U-Haul truck.
  • Not much knitting done – heels turned on socks and gussets being decreased. Got a headache every time I tried to knit, probably from looking down too much. Need to learn how to learn to knit whilst holding the project aloft.
  • I’ve lost another 3 lbs.
  • Took Charlie on a ver’ long walk this morning, and Portland is definitely called the City of Roses for a reason. Look at the roses growing in our front yard:
(also finally figured out how to resize photos)

Other than that? Not much to report. Still haven’t unpacked my room (or my stash). Why am I bothering to update my blog? Because I took a picture this morning. I’ll try to be more interesting tomorrow, I promise.

We’re heeeeere.

Sorry for the itsy bitsy pictures, but I’m on Portland free Wi-Fi at the moment, and since it’s offered by MSN it inherently hates Blogger. Sooo… clickies if you want to see them bigger.

We got up at 9 am when the movers arrived an hour early and started frantically packing (well, I showered first, I can’t say as much for my brother). After 4 hours of intensive boxing and sorting, the kitchen was packed and Mum and I were thoroughly exhausted. The boys hadn’t finished loading the truck and actually suggested leaving my stuff behind because ‘there wasn’t enough room’.

Right. Nuh-uh. Mum and I left about an hour earlier than the boys and, alas, I didn’t get to test my Contortionist Knitting abilities as I had hoped. The trip was stop-and-go the entire way, so I had to hold onto Lapis’ tank with both hands all the way to the house*. I suppose I could have tried knitting with my feet (I can write with my right foot), but it didn’t seem feasible as my feet were resting on two bags and ensconced in shoes. Thus is my sad excuse for not making any sock progress.

But, I do bring yarn p0rn! When we went to open the door of our new rental house, I noticed some interesting bulges in the doormat. Our nice postal worker had hidden several packages under the mat! That’s a first. Tammy, lovely wonderful person that she is, sent me Socks That Rock! I mentioned to her at the Harlot’s Powell’s event that I was severely disappointed that I had never managed to get Socks That Rock lightweight yarn in Puck’s Mischief, so she sent me some! How sweet is she? And it’s sooooo pretty…

I simply must cast on with this yarn ASAP. And I already have a ‘thank you’ gift arranged, mwahaha. Think lavendar-ish. Anyway, that little parcel totally made up for the 6 hours of sleep I got, packing, moving, unloading, and unpacking many, many boxes and huge pieces of furniture.

Back to the honking big furniture. Dad and Emm (and Charlie) arrived about 1.5 hours after us (Mum and I went grocery shopping in that time), and we immediately got to work, so that everyone would have a bed to sleep in tonight (and maybe some clothes to wear in the morning):

We didn’t quite manage the ‘clothes to wear in the morning’ angle for Mum & Dad as their dressers were the first pieces to be loaded on the truck. Since my stuff was the last to go in, and the first out (I think there might be some envy about that), so I actually have a furnished room at the moment:

All I need to do is summon up the energy to get up, walk down the hall, and put sheets on my bed, and then I can lie in a horizontal position for as long as I like.

Now there is a happy thought. Thank you everyone for the well-wishes, now I think I’m going to sit here and think about nothing. Toodle-oo.

*this did not prevent me from singing Irish ditties as loud as I could the entire way.

So. Close.

Currently very tired and disgustingly sweaty. I hate not having centralized air, the house gets so stale. Especially when the temperature hikes above 75F. Urg.

Much progress was made today. My bedroom is in a dozen large boxes. The bathroom is in several large boxes. The kitchen is… well, I’m working on it. As for everyone else’s progress, I have no idea. The fact that Emm spent the day playing WoW (*snark*), or Mum was caught watching Law & Order several times, doesn’t bode well for their progress.

But! Like it or not, we are moving tomorrow. The U-Haul van parked outside proves that:

Dad even hired a couple of handy men he knows to come around in the morning and help us load the van. I have a feeling that Mum and Emm will spend tomorrow morning frantically packing. I might just do the same, because the kitchen is proving a lot, well, bigger than I thought. Of course, it would have been nice if I hadn’t had to move a couple dozen of Mum’s boxes to get to packing up the bathroom and kitchen.


What else have I been doing when I can’t pack another box full of heaven-knows-what? You guessed it, knitting. These, specifically:

5.5″ in 2 days. Think I’m stressed much? One day, I might just devote a blog post to some of my stress-knitting stories.

Otherwise, not much else to report. I packed up the stash and all my other WIPs this afternoon. Along with the camera cable, which I had to dig out of a taped-up box in order to post tonight (my precognition abilities are astounding).

Tomorrow, we get to find out if it is possible for me to knit in a moving car* with a full fish tank in my lap. And, as an encore (if I don’t accidentally kill Lapis), I’ll turn the heels on both socks. Sounds a bit like a circus act, doesn’t it?

“Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to gasp in wonder at the Amazing Knitting Contortionist, Fyberduck!”

Wish me luck. I’m gonna need it…

*Let’s not forget that Mum will be driving said car – the woman whose license was recently suspended for two speeding violations.


For all that my family is a very volatile creature (we fought like wildcats two nights ago), we ARE a family. This is something the occasional outsider doesn’t understand. I’m not sure whether I envy or pity these people, but that’s another matter. So, to some, it may come as a surprise what happened today (especially when one takes into account the huge fight we all got into recently).

This afternoon, as I was boxing yet more stuff up, Mum & Dad ambled into the room to check on my progress, and plan for the rest of the afternoon. When they asked what I’d rather do today (more boxes or gardening), I joking admitted that I really wanted to go to the Harlot’s signing at Powell’s. There was a pause.

“That’s today? I thought it was tomorrow.”

“No,” sigh, “it’s tonight.”

“Well…” And then, somehow, Mum & Dad came up with a plot. We’d pack up the car to the brim with boxes, move them into the Portland house and then take me over to the signing – thus, the afternoon wouldn’t be wasted, and I’d get my book signed (I have all the Harlot’s books autographed now, yay).

So, at around 4 pm, the Jaywalkers were getting carsick outside Albany:

They asked me to pleaseplease put them back in their bag, please. I did. We arrived in Portland a bit late, cuz there was a HUGE backup (read: standstill) outside of Canby. Dad and I, seeing the terrible sight of several miles of Interstate clogged, veered off of said Interstate on the nearest exit.

Upon grabbing the giant Portland Metropolitan area map, a haphazard route was planned along several country roads, two highways, and through the middle of Canby itself. Dad was impressed with how pretty the countryside was (wine country), and the ride was much smoother than I-5, so it was definitely worth the extra half hour or so.

Eventually we arrived at the house and proceeded to move boxes with a speed rarely seen in humans. We had T-minus 45 minutes to get supper and get to Powell’s before the Harlot appeared (7:30 pm). We grabbed the bestest Pho ever (yumyum), dashed out of the restaurant (we paid, don’t worry), and drove like maniacs to the Burnside Bridge. Dad dropped me off outside of Powell’s (running late, ack!) and I rushed in, acting very Italian, and cut to the front of the Information desk.

“Harlot signing,” I panted. The woman looked at me with pity.

“It’s in the Pearl Room, on the 3rd Floor. But,” she paused and considered me, my size, and my ability to act like a sardine, “the room’s already overfull and the manager’s talking about closing off the room. I’d hurry if I were you,” she called to me, and the 3 other knitters who had slipped in behind me, as a mass of us rushed off towards the stairs. After getting lost in the Purple Room (I don’t recommend this) and, err, a slight stampede (we warned the man, I swear), the four of us made it to the Pearl Room.

And, indeed, the event was standing room only. For most of the Harlot’s talk I couldn’t even see her, but instead listened and watched the knitters around me. Handspun, handknit garments were everywhere, and I enjoyed inspecting them. Finally, towards the end of the Harlot’s talk, the crowd had thinned a bit, and I shimmied past a couple of snickering Knitters to snap this very blurry shot:

Seriously. I’m amazed we all fit onto the 3rd floor, in the end (many a knitter was seen perched on the stairs to the 4th floor, or in the stacks). Then, when the talk was over and the signing was to begin, I took the Powell’s representative very very seriously and lined up, quickly, where he told us to. Good thing I did, too, since the line got lengthy fast; and, wow, I doubt even Dad would have sat that long for me to get my book signed. But, luckily, I only stood in line for maybe 15 minutes. Which were spent amicably chatting with a very interesting woman and her daughter, both knitters, and who promised me an In with Blue Moon. Oh… my.

Great chat. I also was greeted by one of the girls from Knit/Purl, who asked if she could come up with me (she identified the Jaywalkers instantly). In exchange for a photograph, I agreed. I think the Harlot passed on some of her mojo to the Jaywalkers for me and I got to hold The Sock:

(can you totally tell I spent the afternoon getting sweaty and dirty
…and didn’t get to shower or brush my hair before this photo was taken?)

After the photo was taken, an offer for drinks was given, and pleasantries exchanged, I handed the Harlot my book, containing my sticky-note the Powell’s person wrote out for me.

“You’re Fyberduck?!” I looked around, confused. Were there Wanted posters up? Was she remembering that (slight) fiasco involving the Knitting Olympics group blog I organized?


“Well, if this isn’t like being approached by Bruce Wayne and being asked to write an autograph for Batman!” I laughed nervously, said thank you, was photographed again with The Sock, then made polite talk I really don’t remember now and made my escape (sans Dark Knight cape, alas).

I found Dad standing by the “Knitting Is Knotty” display (insert snicker here) and replied to his ‘how did it go?’ with, “Wow, I guess I’m infamous.”

After turning down an offer from a couple of the girls from Knit/Purl (they were having a get-together nearby), evading some sailors on shore-leave, hunting down ice cream, and singing off-key for two hours, we finally arrived home.

What a strange day.

tired and cranky

Title says it all. Family crazy. Move hectic. Want to burn house down (after strategic evacuation of stash). Sold spinning wheel (weep not for me, or Lennie) to St M this morning. Mouth still hurts, and skin still itches from hives. Haven’t knit on this all day:

Have to send payment tomorrow for Journey Wheel. Much packing to do. Eeek. Going to bed now.


I look like a chipmunk with mumps, but all is well. Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes and kind words. I really, really wish I could just eat solid food, right now.

Otherwise? Not too bad. Even better news… actually, I have a lot. First, I received two images from my sister of baby T in her new sweater, the prototype wraplan – making it an official FO:

I’m definitely going to have to change the pattern – the button band was completely wonky and the edge kept curling (despite ribbing), but it looks cuter than a bug’s ear. Project specs:

  • The pattern: my own
  • Knitting start date: I have no idea. December-ish, 2006?
  • Finish date: March 25, 2007
  • The yarn: Jo-Ann’s Bellezza “Smania” (which, incidentally, I do NOT recommend)
  • The needles: US 5’s Denise needles
  • The size: 12 month old, 24″ (ish)
  • Knitting techniques: continental, flat body, DPN sleeves, intarsia for baseball-sleeves.

And the other good news? Sheila, kind soul at Journey Wheel, contacted me to let me know that one of their customers is selling her DT Journey Wheel (w/ case and extra bobbins) for much, much less that I’m scheduled to pay for the new one. She offered to have Jonathan look it over and fix it up for me, before sending it over – IF I want it.

Of course I want it! Hopefully, I’ll actually get it. How cool is that? I love these people, they’re very friendly and trying so hard to help me (and all their customers) out.

And that is all. Now we’re set to go and watch a movie, while my face swells even more. I should get a picture of this. Give everyone over the nets a laugh.

spoiled by shibui

I recently saw a t-shirt that read, “Spoiled Rotten.” I nearly bought it, because I am. I admit it. I love, and deeply appreciate, the fact that I’ve rarely wanted for anything. And, in my defense, I am not remotely like Paris Hilton. I want to go into the Peace Corps to give back to the global community.

That said, I have a feeling that knitters might just start planning ways to raid my house tonight. I went to Portland with Mum & Dad today, to help them close the lease on the house we’re renting for the next year. They asked me to come along, look over the paperwork (did I mention I aced AP Law?), take pictures of the rental, and just help out in general. So, on 5 hours of sleep (waaay too much caffeine yesterday evening), I got up this morning and requested that we make a stop at two shops in Portland – L’Occitane, because I’m out of facial scrub, and Knit/Purl, to ask about local stitch’n’bitch groups.

Honest to goodness, I did NOT plan on shopping. I was good, my intentions were honorable. We made great time and arrived at the rental an hour early (even after we stopped for Pho). After an hour of paperwork, endless signatures and initials, we got the keys and went to look the place over again:

It’s VERY cute, and a little under 1/2 the size of our present house (heaven help us). I took tons of pictures of every room, nook, and cranny (just in case). After exploring the neighborhood, we then went onto the fun portion of the afternoon. Dad got to visit his new favourite haberdashery (can you believe I actually get to write that word in a blog post?), while Mum and I played in their Ladies’ section (wow, I have never wanted fancy hats so much in my life).

I then asked, because we were 6 blocks away, to hit Knit/Purl. This was agreed to. First, and I came up with this one, we stopped by Josephine’s. If you are even remotely fond of fabric, you MUST stop at this store. There are no words to describe the exquisiteness of their wares.

Yet, somehow, Mum and I managed not to buy anything there (a near thing, too, since they had a line of Italian summer cottons out) and walked out with nary a sigh.

Next door is Knit/Purl (and next to them is a needlepoint shop…). Knit/Purl is what I want to grow up and own. It’s definitely a Big Kids knitting store. Mum & Dad and I looked around, making conversation about local knitting groups. I was strongly encouraged to come by on Thursday nights, when they have their knitting night. Tempting.

The sock wall was my doom in the end. But, technically (this truly is a hairfine line I’m barely not crossing), I didn’t break the Yarn Diet. Seriously. Mum & Dad bought the yarn as a gift. Sooo… it doesn’t count, right?

I have a feeling I’m not going to win that argument. Moving on. As I was looking at their patterns (I really love the Shibui line), Dad called me away from the shelves. Sounding frighteningly reminiscent of Mephistopheles, he asked me slyly, “Have you seen this?”

Oh. Dear.

Somehow, 5 minutes later, with a “I hope we start seeing you on Thursday nights!” ringing in my ears, Mum & Dad and I were standing on the street… and I was clutching my new Tote and the forbidden yarn, slightly puzzled over my new acquisitions.

This just skyrockets my Spoiled status through the roof, doesn’t it?

But, to keep my karma in the positives, I’m working on a bunch of cute things not for me. On the way home I gleefully finished a bootie for someone’s baby (who’s already born, darnit, the whole baby-waiting-for-the-knitting-to-be-done is a lie). Since the parent sometimes reads this blog, I’m not going to show the bootie finished. But, here’s the front:

and side:

I made the pattern up while we waited for Pirates of the Caribbean to start last night. It’s a sole-up pattern that I’m not even sure how my demented mind invented. But, everyone admits it’s cute. The pattern needs some polishing, but I like it enough to keep trying. Yay for more babies!

I cast on the second bootie, but got dreadfully carsick after awhile, and ended up sitting (slightly bored) for a couple of hours not getting anything done. Blast. This is why I like trains. I never get sick when I knit on them. Or planes. Or boats.


I think I’m going to try to knit the second bootie tonight. I’m off to do that and find a Lo Jack for my new knitting tote.