So much trouble

I’d blame Opus, since she does tend to be a bad influence on me, but she wasn’t entirely responsible for our tour of the Pearl yesterday.  We met just before noon at Peet’s, and spent a couple of hours sketching out stitch patterns, showing off recent FOs, and winding a honking huge ball of ShibuiKnits Highland Wool Alpaca:

Monster Ball o' Yarn

(I don’t know what Opus is staring at there…)

I wish I could say I’d used a special lens or something to make it seem bigger, but it really is that big. If I’m lucky, and not insane (designing is a chancy business), this might just become a scarf.  We stopped by Knit Purl, where I snuck in and updated the website, and grabbed some needles for the Monster Ball O’ Yarn to be knit on.  I went down a needle size, which I’ll probably regret, but the size 13s looked like something Buffy would carry in her backpack.

From there we hit Anthropology (baaad idea) and moved onto lunch.  I love Noodles, it must be said, they didn’t care that we sat for at least an hour after lunch just knitting (and even wished us good luck with our socks when we left).  Businesses like that are in short supply.

From there wandered further into the Pearl in search of dessert and another place to perch ‘n’ knit and had to stop by 10,000 villages.  Since their garden entrance looked so pretty, it had to be photographed:

Walkway in the Pearl

Love them.  They have fair trade chocolate (among other wares).

Next on the list was Tanner Springs Park.  I was hoping to tickle the fish in the pond…


Only to be caught in a sudden downpour.  So unfair :P  Luckily, across the street is Dublin Bay, which is warm and dry and filled with wool.  Can’t be a bad place to duck into.  Unless, of course, you’re trying not to buy any more yarn until destashing a bit.


As much as I liked several of the yarns there, none of them caught me, until I stumbled upon Fleece Artist’s Blue-faced Leicester 2/8 in “Ivory”, one of my favorite semi-solids…


With 1000m/ 250g, I think it’ll make a fantastic Icarus.  It’s so soft and spongy and lofty, it’s just perfect for a lace shawl.  Not that I’ll be casting it on anytime soon, admittedly, but it’s nice to have in the stash.

In other news?  I voted last night.  Got another Newsletter out on Friday night – had to stay until 8pm to get it done.  The local release of the November sock kit for local Club members is tomorrow (squee!  I finally get to play with the yarn I’ve been coveting for 6 months).  Bought a copy of “It Itches” and love it!  Franklin is always hilarious.  Aaand, Mom’s black socks (STR Ravencroft) are almost done, from which I have a few modifications to add to the pattern.  Yesterday’s knitting time was well-spent.  All I have left is the ribbing on the cuff.

Which I’d like to do today.  Ja ne!

shame shame shame

I’m beyond embarrassed at this point by how bad a blogger I’ve been (Emm’s eyes are doing MUCH better, btw). In my defense, I’ve been doing the work of 2 people and preparing for the departure of THREE more coworkers(!!!). One for Maternity Leave (dammit), one for a vacation in another state (waaaah!), and one for school – which I don’t begrudge (much). I’m just slightly panicking, is all.

To cope with all this added stress and confusion, I’ve been knitting every spare moment I can… in some mad, subconscious, effort to lower my blood-pressure or something. I’m even beginning to wonder if I’m knitting in my sleep, because random wip’s are showing large leaps of progress that I don’t remember making. Of course, it could be knitting blackouts…

Not good to think about, really. Moving on. I finished my first skif sweater. It took 3 broken needles (sewing machine ones, not knitting), since I was out of Ball Point needles and even the Denim ones I got weren’t up to the task! Eventually, though, persistance won out as it usually does and I can now add this to my list of 2008 FO’s:



If you want actual specs for it, I’m gonna have to refer you to my ravelry notebook.

I also finished these, my Fortress of Solitude socks (c’mon, the name just fit):


Again, gonna send ya to the ravelry notebook for the details. Sorry. It’s just easier that way. On top of finishing those, I have two sweaters, a baby hat, an adult hat, three pairs of socks (no, wait, four) and… well, a Renaissance costume… in the works. But that’s not knitting and is neither here nor there right now. In other news, I received some BEAUTIFUL yarn from Penny and immediately had a wicked plan for it that is already being implemented, mwahaha.

I also got my prize from Lorna’s Laces for winning 3rd Prize in their design competition. They also sent me three copies of the pattern, and I stole a pic from their site:

architect's sock

My Architect’s Sock. So weird to actually see it knit up by someone else in a completely different color on the actual pattern.

And, in slightly non-knitting news – I went to Patrick’s Commencement today. You’ll all remember Patrick as the model for my Columbia Fisherman’s Pullover. And for those of you females out there salivating (I know you are! I got emails last time), he doesn’t play for out team, girls.

Anyway. He text’d me on Thursday, I think it was, to make sure I was coming. I panicked, said I would and penciled it in (this is the state of my life now, sadly). I even brought a travelling sock, to commemorate the occasion:

Sock at PSU Commencement

And was ecstatic to get a picture of him just after he had ‘walked’:

Patrick at Commencement

(Terrisa and I screamed like banshees to get his attention for a couple of quick photos.)

It was great, even with 90F+ weather. The Interim President of PSU even (rather gallantly) offered to make no speech in exchange for a standing ovation. I liked him. Good man. The service was short, sweet and perfectly to the point. I heartily approved.

After that, we all went out to lunch (great fun that lasted for far longer than I had scheduled for, eep!) and had to rush home. I had planned to meet Laure in Beaverton at 3:30, but just barely made it home at 4:00. She agreed to come to my place instead and work with me here.

See, some months ago, Laura convinced me to join her Historical Recreation Guild and participate in this year’s Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire – because I spin and knit and would be a great asset or something. I (somewhat) foolishly agreed, thinking it would be fun and forgot about it almost immediately after.

With the Faire in less than a month, I need to make a costume very quickly and… well, not panic. I won’t panic. I’m not panicking. Honestly. Even though I’m 4 yards short of boning (guess how I found that out tonight?) and haven’t even started on my blouse or skirt.

I need to go and knit something.

things, they are a’changing

After a hellish day – catching up with 4 sick-days worth of work is never easy – I was nearly in tears when I found a parcel on my step. FluffyKnitterDeb, fellow admin and mod of Sock Knitters Anonymous, sent me a cheer-up gift:

Margarita Socks

A pair of socks knit using this month’s Mystery Pattern for Sockdown: Ravelry!

Where she gets the time to organize the group (I’m completely AWOL, I admit it) and knit mirco-gauge socks, I never will know. But I am deeply grateful for the thought and effort she put into them. Thank you, Debi! I might just wear these to work tomorrow.

Let’s see. We’re painfully overdue for an update, but… well, I’m in the midst of some crazy sh!t and don’t know where to start. I’ll just go over what’s taking up the most of my attention:

We’re officially another pair of hands short at work as of today. Details will be released later, when I can articulate fully.

We’re about to be another pair of hands short when J goes on Maternity Leave.

Now, those two things would be enough to make me panic were it also not for the fact that (deadline fast approaching) the Knit Purl Sock Club still hasn’t sold out. I’m beyond the panic stage. Admittedly, we’ve sold over half the spots, so that’s good. But, eep! If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Open application for Berkeley Business School begins on August 15 and I don’t have anything ready.  Now, even if I were to get accepted (not counting on anything), the term I’m applying for is Fall 09.  Time, at least here, is on my side.

I’m also behind on my New Designs schedule and can’t see the floor of the laundry room.

Someone, please, kidnap save me.

(I can even pay you in yarn.)

Exhaustion is.

Working full-time. Cleaning for your sister and neice’s visit. Designing and knitting several projects at once. Preparing for a Guild meeting tomorrow. Sorting crap.

I cleaned up my bedroom in an extreme way today, so A and baby T would have space for her travel crib and luggage and everything else that follows a young mother and toddler whilst traveling. Which means half of my stash has been thrown into the garage (can you feel my panic? do moths like garages??) with half of my library. Ugh.

But enough of that. Lemme see. In the past two weeks I have CO:


  • A Euroflax top-down raglan cardigan that is quite literally being designed as it is knit.
  • 2 Koigu socks in P418 (LOVE it so much right now)
  • A ShibuiKnits felted scarf swatch that totally bombed (no photo, it was completely embarassing how bad that turned out)
  • A Baby Court Jester hat for baby T, with Great Big Sea in “Autumn”. (OMG this yarn is sinful.)

I’m sorry I don’t have pictures for half of these things. I’ll work on that.

And, of course, I’ve also been working on previous wips. The rose-colored sock (another possible Sockdown: June! entry) is doing well. We both survived a heel that was… interesting. I may have been mad when I wrote this pattern down. Or I can’t read my own short-hand.

It’s even odds, really.

All of this (see above) has been happening in the background. The foreground has been work, work, more work, and arranging a Sock Scavenger Hunt.

But, good news, what with all the hours I’ve been putting in, I bought myself a pick-me-up this morning – a pair of Mephisto sandals. Yummy. This winter I bought myself these* as a treat (I completely forgot to blog about that, sorry) and remembered last week how much it cheered me up.

New shoes are happy making.

Now, I hate to end the post on a truly consumeristic note… but I’m kinda tired and can’t think of anything else to write. At least it was a positive consumeristic note, that involved something not Made In China and not produced by sweatshop labor.

Guilt-free is also happy making.

And now I must retire to bed. Tomorrow I have to get up early and brave the Boonies.

*Yes, in the red, baby.

I have no title

Urg. Forgot what I was gonna post. Let’s see. Long week to sum up. Have to open the store tomorrow, which will be interesting since I’ve never opened by myself before :P

Anyway. Finally got Clue #4 up last night – it was causing me some difficulty because I couldn’t find a way to write out text instructions for the toe detail. Check it out and you’ll see why. Here’s what my progress on the socks was on Thursday night at the Sip’n’Stitch, when I actually remembered to take a photo:


Little farther along now, but too lazy to find a camera. Next Thursday I’ll post the completed pattern for people who want all the clues in one place. And, err, maybe I can manage to do the same for the March Mystery Sock, which is still in bits and pieces. Bad me.

Um. Hrm. Working on several patterns right now. Need to get my stuff together to submit to different publications. See? I do listen to you guys who bug me incessantly. You’ll know who you are. I’m also looking into applying to Stanford Business School this October – matriculation wouldn’t be until more than a year away, so no panicking anytime soon. Trying to figure out all the pieces of that puzzle.

I dunno. Things are crazy right now. I worked 45 hours last week and am a little haggard. This whole “summer slowdown” doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Of course, that might be due to the fact that it’s still bloody cold and wet outside. Arg. I packed away my winter clothing so, duh, immediately the average temperature dropped 30 degrees in a week. Stupid Oregon weather.

And even if all that’s not everything, it’s all I can remember.  Have a lovely Memorial Day and try to avoid the rain if you can :)

Some slight changes

Remember those two Mystery Sock clues I posted? Throw ’em out. No errata, never fear. But some of the knitters brave enough to try my Fair Isle infested pattern have requested instructions for how to shorten the cuff chart on Clue #2. And I, being me, decided to redo both clues just to make my life easier in the long run:

I’m even, to show willing (and curiosity, I admit), going to CO tonight and try out the new chart…

Honestly, I’m a bit amazed that 12 knitters were crazy enough to take on a Fair Isle-themed Mystery Pattern. It just goes to show what kind of people make up my beloved SKA.

Oh, and just so you don’t feel like you read all this for nothing, here’s a much better picture of the sockies:

April socks

Further proof…

that I was never intended to be a professional photographer:

April 2008

Yeah, my mad skills are showing their crazy side.

Moving on. The socks above are my Sockdown: April! entry. Umm. They were knit with Knitted Wit’s Superwash Merino Fingering yarn, using Jean Townsend’s Pretty Petals Socks pattern. Not to be snarky, but I would really change the name of that pattern if I could. The stitch pattern makes me think of scales, honestly. I like the socks a lot and had to make a few pattern modifications, but nothing overwhelming.

And, while I can finally rejoice in the fact that the Sock Club is fully off the ground, I will only be able to sleep soundly once everyone (dyers and designers alike) have actually sent me their signed contracts back. Verbal consent still leaves me with some anxiety, oddly enough. D’you hear that, you guys? You’re affecting my sleep. Hint, hint.

Sadly, on this subject, Terrisa and I lost our bet with Sandy B at work. We bet her that we could sell out the Club by today. Er. Not so much. We have only 135 spots left, but that doesn’t offer us much consolation since we have to buy her much in the way of alcohol as the losers :P

Of course, the Bosses are so excited by the success of the Club that now they want me to organize a Lace Club for next year. I agreed to try, but have absolutely no idea how to go about it. Maybe it’ll come to me in a dream.

Hm. Time to work on Mum’s Mother’s Day Socks – yes, they weren’t done yesterday. I, uh, ruined the surprise by letting her see them in progress, though. No picture. I gave up on trying to make my camera work after the first 20 or so crap pictures. I guess you’ll just have the believe me when I tell you that I’m past the heels on ’em :)

What I’ve been killing myself over.

Okay, in all honestly, one of the things I’ve been killing myself over:


Contacting designers and dyers and graphic artists.  Choosing colors and pattern ideas and … er, I’ve lost track.  I have several folders full of correspondence and brainstorming and heaven knows what else.  But, woot!, it’s done and been up since Friday and we’ve already sold 1/4 of the spots available :D  (I am admittedly occupying one of those spots)

Life is goood.


My new work nickname :)

Going up and down the stairs was hell, but at least the swelling has gone down enough that I can actually bend my knee now. Of course, having spent the past day and half with my right leg elevated, I got a lot of knitting done. I’m to the heel on my second Distracted sock – which, in accordance with it’s name, I screwwed up as I waited for the bus this afternoon. Note to self: do not attempt to knit whilst, and at the same time, watching for your bus.

As a result of this afternoon’s adventures, I have a new definition of extreme knitting: tinking back a heel on a crosstown bus.

Oh, yeah, baby. I like to knit dangerously.

The other progress I have to report?

a sock

I’m past the heel of my first “Pretty Petals” sock. The name just doesn’t work for me. I’m going to have to come up with a nickname for them, since the yarn is so bloody fantastic. I totally have to get more yarn dyed by Knitted Wit in the future.

And, on the subject of yarn p0rn, here is a photo of one of my high holies in the stash:

Knitters W/O Borders yarn

Blue Moon Socks That Rock Lightweight in “Knitters Without Borders”. I have 2 skeins set aside for knee-highs and another for a Sock Knitters Anonymous prize. And, if you’re thinking of raiding my house, Blue Moon has promised to make the colorway available on their website very soon.

That’s nearly everything. But, since I can’t post the details of the Knit Purl Sock Club quite yet and don’t have a banner or badge or anything for my new Guild, more updates will have to wait. Back to watching Top Gear and knitting for now.

boo boo

The day started out so well. Sunny and warm and not raining. I met Opus downtown for breakfast and Peet’s even had Jasmine Lime tea again for spring. We headed over to the store for the Oleana Trunk Show. Oleana is a Norwegian fashion house, and all it’s garments are designed by Solveig Hisdal, author of Poetry in Stitches. All her knitwear is just exquisite.


I’m not certain I’m allowed to publish photos on the web (flickr friends can look at them), but the display outside the store should be okay.

Anyway. After trying several of the garments on, we took down sizes and styles and went on our merry way (the store was packed). We decided to hit Saturday Market, since I had never seen the Spoonman’s booth. Opus was a good sport and introduced her sock to all of the spoons:


But soon we started to have Eugene flashbacks and escaped the throng. That’s where things went, hmm, not sour. Maybe a bit tart. After we hopped on and off the MAX, we started walking in the direction of Twisted and I, being me, took a hard fall off of a curb.

Opus walked and I limped to Twisted, and I refused to even look at the mess my knee was until I was sitting down somewhere.

Ick. Thank goodness they had a first aid kit and Ibuprofen. I sat down, got help cleaning and bandaging the mess, and decided that knitting on the couch was looking good (Opus and I had talked about finding a park and knitting in the sun). So I CO these:


My Sockdown: April! project. Jeanie Townsend’s “Pretty Petals” socks, with Knitted Wit’s Superwash Merino fingering in “1970’s Locker Room”. It’s looking really, really cool.

Still, even with my leg propped up and my knitting to console me, my knee started to swell (and bleed through the bandages) painfully. Eventually, I bought some comfort yarn (a skein of Chewy Spaghetti’s Spaghettoni in “Vainglorious”) and went home.

After keeping my knee up for a while, some of the swelling has come down, but I won’t be walking very far any time soon. I guess I’ll just have to sit here and knit.

Wait… that’s not too bad for a silver lining :)