things, they are a’changing

After a hellish day – catching up with 4 sick-days worth of work is never easy – I was nearly in tears when I found a parcel on my step. FluffyKnitterDeb, fellow admin and mod of Sock Knitters Anonymous, sent me a cheer-up gift:

Margarita Socks

A pair of socks knit using this month’s Mystery Pattern for Sockdown: Ravelry!

Where she gets the time to organize the group (I’m completely AWOL, I admit it) and knit mirco-gauge socks, I never will know. But I am deeply grateful for the thought and effort she put into them. Thank you, Debi! I might just wear these to work tomorrow.

Let’s see. We’re painfully overdue for an update, but… well, I’m in the midst of some crazy sh!t and don’t know where to start. I’ll just go over what’s taking up the most of my attention:

We’re officially another pair of hands short at work as of today. Details will be released later, when I can articulate fully.

We’re about to be another pair of hands short when J goes on Maternity Leave.

Now, those two things would be enough to make me panic were it also not for the fact that (deadline fast approaching) the Knit Purl Sock Club still hasn’t sold out. I’m beyond the panic stage. Admittedly, we’ve sold over half the spots, so that’s good. But, eep! If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Open application for Berkeley Business School begins on August 15 and I don’t have anything ready.  Now, even if I were to get accepted (not counting on anything), the term I’m applying for is Fall 09.  Time, at least here, is on my side.

I’m also behind on my New Designs schedule and can’t see the floor of the laundry room.

Someone, please, kidnap save me.

(I can even pay you in yarn.)

a belated existence

Thank you everyone for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. Emm has been healing much faster than we had any reason to hope for, so I really think you all helped. In fact, during an emergency meeting with The Dr (Emm was discomfited by the Scleral Buckle around his left eye), we were overjoyed to find out that Emm is starting to regain vision in his right eye – the one where the retina had all but detached completely.

I have to admit that on entirely selfish level I am pathetically grateful Emm doesn’t require round the clock care anymore. Aside from it being phyisically and emotionally draining, it was affecting both my personal and professional lives. I had to cut back hours at work, which meant I got less done – meaning I’m not on the schedule I’d like to be right now. Don’t even ask me about the Sock Club. It’s just embarrassing. And as for that Shibui baby set I promised? Forget about it.

As for my home life? Oy. I feel bad cutting my friends off and even rejecting “quality” time with the family. But, heck, between work, Emm’s care, cleaning (‘nother oy), and sleeping (sleep comes before food with me), things have fallen behind at home as well. Don’t inquire about the laundry, dishes or bathroom. I counted it a major personal victory when I managed to vacuum the house while Emm was taking his afternoon nap today. If I’m lucky, I’ll even manage a load of laundry before bed. (Before you ask, Mum’s had to go back to working FT and Dad is almost 70 – as the youngest and the healthiest, things naturally fall to me to get done at all.)

And as for my personal life? I would be a little ashamed of how I’ve abandoned my responsibilities on ravelry, if not for my fantastic mods who’ve managed to keep everything in the SKA running beautifully without me. Bless them.  I did, to assuage my guilt, spend a couple hours on ravelry this evening catching up with as much of my responsibilities as I could.  Hopefully that’ll be enough for now.  If I’m really lucky, I’ll even manage to wrap up the Scavenger Hunt prizes by the end of this week.

Anyway.  Yesterday was the first full day I have taken off for myself in… well, weeks, really. Even before Emm’s surgery there were so many other things to be done. In any case, I spent the day with Opus – we decided to be lazy and knit (which doesn’t really count as lazy):

On our way from one reclining spot to another, we paused to admire the work of dozens of sand castle enthusiasts during Sand In The City:

sand in the city 2008

Even in the cold and the mist, they were still going strong. Admirable, if entirely crazy to my mind as we shivered (it’s July!! Where is my 90F weather??) while we waited for the MAX. From there we crashed for some time on Twisted’s couch (comfiest couch on the East Side), and I worked on this:

Button-Back 2

My continuing effort for the SKIF KAL.

(check out the revised badge:)

Amazingly enough, this sweater still continues to draw me. I’m nearly done with the body (1.5″ to go!!) and am seriously looking forward to the sleeves. Very fun. I can’t wait, with a glee that surprises me, to finish it with a sewing machine. I also (cue blush) bought yarn to maybe make another. Someone just stop me.

Uh oh. My laptop battery is about to die, which means I’ve been on here for too long anyway. Time to wrap this up. Thank you, again, to everyone who sent positive wishes and prayers and thoughts our way! We truly do appreciate all your care. Now, I’ve got to go and battle the dirty-laundry monster. Until next time, happy knitting!

Some slight changes

Remember those two Mystery Sock clues I posted? Throw ’em out. No errata, never fear. But some of the knitters brave enough to try my Fair Isle infested pattern have requested instructions for how to shorten the cuff chart on Clue #2. And I, being me, decided to redo both clues just to make my life easier in the long run:

I’m even, to show willing (and curiosity, I admit), going to CO tonight and try out the new chart…

Honestly, I’m a bit amazed that 12 knitters were crazy enough to take on a Fair Isle-themed Mystery Pattern. It just goes to show what kind of people make up my beloved SKA.

Oh, and just so you don’t feel like you read all this for nothing, here’s a much better picture of the sockies:

April socks

boo boo

The day started out so well. Sunny and warm and not raining. I met Opus downtown for breakfast and Peet’s even had Jasmine Lime tea again for spring. We headed over to the store for the Oleana Trunk Show. Oleana is a Norwegian fashion house, and all it’s garments are designed by Solveig Hisdal, author of Poetry in Stitches. All her knitwear is just exquisite.


I’m not certain I’m allowed to publish photos on the web (flickr friends can look at them), but the display outside the store should be okay.

Anyway. After trying several of the garments on, we took down sizes and styles and went on our merry way (the store was packed). We decided to hit Saturday Market, since I had never seen the Spoonman’s booth. Opus was a good sport and introduced her sock to all of the spoons:


But soon we started to have Eugene flashbacks and escaped the throng. That’s where things went, hmm, not sour. Maybe a bit tart. After we hopped on and off the MAX, we started walking in the direction of Twisted and I, being me, took a hard fall off of a curb.

Opus walked and I limped to Twisted, and I refused to even look at the mess my knee was until I was sitting down somewhere.

Ick. Thank goodness they had a first aid kit and Ibuprofen. I sat down, got help cleaning and bandaging the mess, and decided that knitting on the couch was looking good (Opus and I had talked about finding a park and knitting in the sun). So I CO these:


My Sockdown: April! project. Jeanie Townsend’s “Pretty Petals” socks, with Knitted Wit’s Superwash Merino fingering in “1970’s Locker Room”. It’s looking really, really cool.

Still, even with my leg propped up and my knitting to console me, my knee started to swell (and bleed through the bandages) painfully. Eventually, I bought some comfort yarn (a skein of Chewy Spaghetti’s Spaghettoni in “Vainglorious”) and went home.

After keeping my knee up for a while, some of the swelling has come down, but I won’t be walking very far any time soon. I guess I’ll just have to sit here and knit.

Wait… that’s not too bad for a silver lining :)

keeping ME honest

Oh, my. Do you know what arrived in the mail yesterday??

(sigh) Ravelry swag, to award us in Sockdown: Ravelry! for being the best KAL/CAL on ravelry. The Bobbys team even included a certificate (woot!):

Bobbys Award

And, well, a box o’ ravelry swag not available for sale yet:

Ravelry Swag
  • a ravelry tote
  • a bag of assorted ravelry pins, including a Bob and ravelry icon
  • a Bob sticker
  • 2 shot glasses – “frogged” and “ripped”

Heaven help me. I will not hide this box away and pretend it never arrived. Which is why I’m posting now, before temptation wins. The shot glasses made me laugh, off and on, for close to an hour. I was seriously tempted to bring them to work to show off, if I didn’t think they’d get snatched faster than chocolate.

Moving on.

Working on many projects now.  Too many.  In a good way.  I’ll try and post a picture tomorrow.


FO: Watercolour Monkeys

Let’s do the Good News first. I finished my second pair of Monkey socks today, whilst lounging at Twisted:

  • Start date: January 21, 2008
  • Finish date: February 2, 2008
  • Pattern used: Monkey by Cookie A
  • Yarn: Zen String Fingering in “Twisted”
  • Needles: US 1.5 (2.5 mm)
  • Notes: Modified the heel to continue the lace pattern down the flap (see second photo)…



Love ’em, love the yarn, love the pattern. S’all good :)

I also bought a skein of Dream in Colour Smooshy, in “Good Luck Jade”, which I CO on for Sockdown: February! For this month’s challenge, they have to feature a heel that’s new to me. Since I only CO a couple of hours ago:


I don’t have to worry about that quite yet. I’ll figure out what heel I’m trying out next when I get that far. At the moment, I’m really liking the yarn – the feel of it, the way it knits up, the colours. My own complaint is that it appears to be overdyed, and now my fingers are a delicate shade of green.

Ohwell. Nothing’s perfect.

Now. The Bad News. Which isn’t bad, not really. Opus and I went to Yarnia and, uh, I forgot to get a picture. My review? It’s, well, going to be a great store for machine knitters. Not so much for knitters like Opus and I. So… yeah, that’s that. I think that they’ll be perfect for the machine knitters in town, since no one really caters to them anymore. Well, except for Yarnia now :)

And that’s about everything.  I think I want to sleep now.  It was a looong day.

What will it be?

Somehow, I volunteered to design the Mystery Sock pattern for January 2008. Ravelers who are also participants in Sockdown: ravelry! might actually understand that last sentence. The SKA decided, as a group, to challenge ourselves for a year. One of the requests was for Mystery sock patterns. Much like the Mystery Stole 3 KAL. Only with, you know, socks.
And, since it is officially January 1, 2008, it’s time to get this Mystery KAL started.

I can’t really tell you much about the pattern, without ruining the surprise. But, here’s what Deb and I have deemed to release:

  • it is, of course, a pattern for a pair of socks
  • there will be intarsia (Sockdown: January’s chosen technique)
  • and, lucky you, there is a sneak peek.
Clue #1 (PDF)

Big ‘thank you’ to FluffyKnitterDeb for test-knitting and editing the pattern and to ShibuiKnits for providing her with the yarn…

CO if you dare. I’m going to participate (yes, I know what it looks like, sorry, BUT I haven’t knit it), and even bought my yarn last week. I’ll try and CO tomorrow. To entice you Classicist knitters out there (I know you exist), I’ll let you in on another little secret – the theme of this pattern has to do with the origins of Valentine’s Day in ancient Greece and Rome.


Turkey. No, roast chicken. Close enough, eh? With just 4 of us, we’re going smaller in the poultry section of tonight’s menu.

Ah, yes. Thanksgiving. This time last year we were knee-deep in our Rabbi’s kitchen, cooking up a dinner for over 20 people. Tonight, I’m more than thankful in that we’re taking it easy and have been watching movies while the chickens roast (oh, alright, we’re roasting two chickens). In between peeling potatoes and making cranberry sauce (no canned crap for us), I took a photo of my November Mystery Sock #1 (by Mona Schmidt):

November Mystery Sock #1

Which I’m knitting for Sockdown: October!, by means of the fact that I was Mona’s test-knitter and I switched the RT’s for cables, making it eligible. That last sentence will only make sense to Sock Knitters Anonymous members who’re actually participating in Sockdown: ravelry! And, I can finally post photos of the finished sock because the 4th clue came out today. Mona’s unveiling (correct term?) the name of the pattern next Thursday :)

They’re the ONE project I’ve been letting myself work on other than Project #3, just because I had to test-knit all the clues before they could be posted and I need to get the pair done by November 30 to retain my sock-knitting street cred.

I’m also thinking of knitting the L version for my Socks for Maggie donation.  I really like the stitch pattern and they’re fun to knit (not easy, but not impossible).  I won’t get ’em done in time (I warned kemtee of that early on), but I will get them done and sent off before the New Year.

And, now, I think I need to cut up some potatoes and boil ’em.  Dad’ll never forgive me if I don’t make mashed potatoes tonight.  I won’t forgive me, what with homemade cranberry sauce to put on ’em.

Mmm.  Cranberry sauce.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving (those of you in the U.S. and inclined to celebrate).  Everyone else… Happy Un-Birthday, I guess ;D

stayin’ in

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