Vero Verto – and a contest!

Vero Verto in “Daffodil”

It’s done, it’s done! Big ‘thank you’ to Katrina (model) and Portland Nursery (location) for being awesome.

Pattern details:

GAUGE: 16 stitches and 26 rows = 4 inches in Stockinette

  • Approximately 200 y / 183 m of worsted to Aran weight yarn. Samples shown were knit with 1 skein of Anzula For Better or Worsted (200 y/182 m per 3.5 oz/ 100 g skein), shown in “Clay” and “Daffodil”
  • Set of five US 8/ 5 mm dpns
  • One 16-inch/ 40.5 cm US 8/ 5 mm circular needle
  • One 16-inch/ 40.5 cm US 6/ 4 mm circular needle
  • Tapestry needle
  • 8 stitch markers (optional)

SIZING: Adult M (22”/ 56 cm head circumference)
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
$6.00 US PDF DOWNLOAD on ravelry

I saw felt the yarn, Anzula’s For Better or Worsted, at TNNA and immediately knew what it needed to be – I’d just been informed that I was getting several designs back and needed to re-knit them. Anzula gave me a bunch of skeins in different colors (so expect to see more patterns knit with this yarn in coming weeks!) and I cast on immediately.  Yum.  Not to mention fabulous stitch definition.

And now to the CONTEST portion of our post, specifically aimed at the nerds among us.  The first three people to email me with the correct answer to this question:

Where did the pattern name, Vero Verto, come from?*

…will win one free copy of Vero Verto and any one Rose City Knits pattern of their choice!  Send your answer to my email – fyberduck(at)gmail(dot)com.

The deadline to submit is end of day, Thursday, February 13th (PT).  I’ll announce the winners on Friday (well, hopefully, provided anyone enters) and send out those patterns :)


*Hint: book lovers, think of the big screen.

It’s summer somewhere

What with viruses (does anyone use the plural viri?) and near-constant migraines for the past week, I’ve been a little out of the loop. Maybe more than a little, if we’re being honest. Well, logged into ravelry and noticed another design had been added to my designer profile:

Buttoned Up in Lace Shrug
The Buttoned Up in Lace Shrug from Creative Knitting, Summer 2013.  This design was a source of pride at the time (not that I could talk about it), because it utilizes three traditional reversible lace patterns (two are Madeira and one is Shetland), worked on a garter ground with two sets of knitted-on button bands so the “shrug” can be worn in several ways as different garments.  Which is why I was a little disappointed to see it only modeled as a shrug (love the photos, though, they did a fantastic job styling!).

Good thing I snapped some pictures on Gertrude before sending it in, eh?

as a wrap, to the side
as a cowl

For other ideas, see my ravelry notebook listing.  The yarn was Imperial Yarn’s Tracie in 114 Dusty Rose.  Loved the color and the yarn – and currently have quite a bit stashed.  The buttons are antique shell lovelies from my grandmother’s stash.

In other news, several patterns are imminently forthcoming from Rose City Knits.   Keep an eye out!

Bring on the heat!

I’ve done my bit.  In an insane effort to bring about some warm weather (we’re have a low of 45F tonight, brrr), I’ve finished Caulking because Opus and I sincerely believe that publishing a Fall/ Winter pattern will make the weather change.  This theory only works if you subscribe to the “bring an umbrella to prevent rain” doctrine, but I’m willing to try anything at this point.

So, here it is!  Caulking.  So named (by Opus) for it’s primary function of protecting you against the elements – or, rather, your neck and upper torso.  Secondary function?  It just looks cool.


Worn under a coat, it’ll un-expose your neck and collar-bone area…


Knit from the bottom up, the piece is steadily increased in pattern and buttoned in the back.


I’ve posted it on ravelry, but haven’t had a chance to add it to the RCK website yet. Sorry. I’ll get to that this weekend, honest – around the same time I finish up Rhea Silvia for my tech editor.

Here are the specs, in case you, too, are freezing right now:

Caulking Pattern Preview.5x11-FIN


    • 24 sts & 28 rnds = 4”/ 10 cm in Stockinette st


    • Approximately 175 y/ 160 m sport weight yarn. Sample shown: Tactile: Fiber Arts Studio (225 yd/ 206 m per 3.5 oz/ 100g skein), in “Beach”
    • Two 1/2”/ 1.25mm buttons
    • Tapestry needle


    • One 24-inch/ 61 cm US 3 / 3.25mm circular needle


    • 18”/ 45.75 cm circumference, buttoned up
    • 18.5”/ 47 cm wide x 13.5”/ 34.25 cm from point to collar, laid flat

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

Now, let’s see some HEAT!*

*This is not to say that I don’t love this pattern and am not proud of it. I am. A lot. I’m also really, really cold and tired of wearing winter clothes in May.

Random Monday

  1. I updated my LinkedIn profile –  finally.  
  2. The Rose City Knits website needs to be updated to include “Instruction” and “Design” pages with listings.
  3. I may also need to update the website’s format (alas) and streamline it a bit… which makes me a bit sad.
  4. A super-secret design is in progress using a super-secret yarn and colorway for an unnamed indie dyer’s club.  I am super-secretly excited by it.
  5. This pattern is so very, very close to completion:
    Caulking by Sara Morris
    I can taste it.
  6. I have a meeting with a potential new client today.
  7. Please don’t ask about Rhea Silvia… it’s in process :)

Sew Excited!

I know, I know, it’s sew been done (sorry, couldn’t resist). But I have three very good reasons to be excited. Drumroll, please…

Caput Helianthus pattern preview

Caput Helianthus is done, done, done! It’s up on ravelry and the Rose City Knits website (though the price is mysteriously wrong there… weird).

This design was actually inspired by a vintage doily (circa the 1940s) that I really liked the concept of but hated the execution. So I decided to take the concept and adapt it for a hat. Caput Helianthus (literally “sunflower crown”) is the result. To keep it interesting (okay, I got bored), I created two versions – an 8-petal and a 16-petal version, just because. It’s knit with just 150 – 175 yards of fingering weight yarn (I used one skein each of Staccato for both samples) and is a great stash-buster.

I feel I should warn you, however, because it IS addictive. Opus and I have each knit three of these hats and are both considering a fourth (I’m thinking cashmere for mine!). There’s something magical about how quick it knits up, I guess. Anyway, here are the details:

GAUGE: 28 sts & 32 rnds = 4”/ 10 cm in Stockinette st

    • Approximately 150 yards/ 135 meters fingering weight yarn. Sample shown: Shibui Knits Staccato (191 y/ 175 m per 1.75 oz/ 50g skein), 1 skein each, shown in “Dijon” and “Redwood”.
    • One 16-inch US 2.5/ 3.00mm circular needle
    • 8 Stitch markers
    • Tapestry needle

SIZING: Adult/ 20 – 22” head circumference & 10” diameter, laid flat after blocking
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

The one thing about the pattern that made me sad was that I had so many amazing pictures to use and so little space :( One of my favorites that didn’t make the cut is still a winner to me:

Caput Helianthus 2

It’s just so quaint.

The SECOND item on my “sew excited” list?  Well, I finally got a sewing machine of my own!

Oh, yes, it’s mine and mine alone.  I’m already plotting.  Look forward to many sewing related posts in the future :)  The first will probably be with a sneak peek at my new studio space (still in the, ah, development stages).  I’m hoping to get a sewing area set up this weekend and break my new toy in a bit.

Should be fun.

Aaand, THREE

This is my 1,200th post!  Can you believe it?  I certainly didn’t.  When did we get past 1,000?  200 posts ago, I guess.  Of course, the blog will be 6 years old in October (that’s actually older than my niece, T), so I’m not exactly a chatterbox.  Okay, maybe a little, since that averages out to around 200 posts per year.

Who knew?

Where did December go?

I agree with Opus, we need to just write 2009 off and get started with 2010 early.  What a strange year this has been.  Freak snow storms, summer temps above 109F!, and THREE fiber festivals in town (it only sounds fun if you don’t have to work them all).  Not to mention the H1N1 (thank you again, Kristin for sharing that gem) and what I’m now calling MV2.

The ‘mystery virus’ that has had me down for the count for the past two weeks.  I’ve been fighting it off for longer than that (a month, maybe?), but my body finally surrendered utterly and completely on the 12th.  I remember the date exactly because I lost my voice for three days and had to have my Dad call work to tell them I was all but dead.  Fun, huh?

I’m getting better now (no fussing!), mostly due to some fun hardcore drugs that took two doctors appointments and a chest x-ray to match up.  Apparently the prescription cough syrup and inhaler weren’t the right meds for the job.  Go figure.  But I can breathe again (woot!) and am actually (mostly) functioning again.  I even folded laundry today (for someone who could barely go up the stairs for a week, that’s huge).

Which is why I’m trying to catch up a month’s worth of stuff in one post.  Well, all one can do is try, right?

First!  I have a new pattern for all y’all that I’ve been wanted to share for some time now.  Presenting… the Sqooshy Scarf (free pattern!):


Download now on ravelry.

And, yes, Opus and I just might have been imbibing alcohol when we came up with that lame name.  We know.  But it is sqooshy, so the name stuck.  I love it, it’s warm (really, really warm), was very quick to knit and super -soft because of the yarn I used – Fleece Artist’s Slubby Blue, one skein in “Morgana” and one in “Forest Fairie”. (Please note: I am not linking to Knit Purl in some cheazy attempt at merchandising, I simply can’t find a decent photo of this awesome yarn on Fleece Artist’s website, alas.  Check it out, they only have one little thumbnail… sad).

Anyway.  That photo (and others) were taken at the McMenamin’s Hotel Oregon, in McMinnville, after Opus and I had hit Woodland Woolworks in a mad attempt to find blocking wires for her Grandmother’s Hemlock Ring Blanket (Christmas gift).  While there… well, I fell off the bandwagon.  They had four balls of Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran (a yarn we don’t carry, incidentally, so it’s not, like… infidelity) in the most lovely color, “Claret”:

Fence Vest
Which, um, didn’t photograph too well.  Yes, it was probably user error.  I’m currently working on a Fence vest that is more than half done.  This thing is addicting.  The yarn is evil.  I started on Tuesday and already have the back finished and the front cast on.

As we were thumbing through their lace pattern binders (at WW), Opus spotted something interesting that (strangely) made her more excited than me.  We had to take a photo:

If you look, closely, you can see my Architect’s Sock pattern hanging out there with patterns by Beth Brown-Reinsel and The Heirloom Knitter.  It was kind of funny and a little weird.

Next, as we were relaxing at McMenamin’s (our quest fulfilled), I snapped a shot of the scarf Opus was making for her coworker:

I promised her I’d post it, so she’d have it for her ravelry journal.  And, look, all these weeks later, I remembered!  That’s a minor miracle, honestly.

Second, on the list of things to report – the Finished List.  Having spent two weeks in bed (or on the couch), with only yarn to prevent suicide attempts (seriously, I was ready to try anything to stop the coughing).  Recently finished:

  1. Sabine
  2. Malabrigo Vest
  3. Another pair of Nemo Mitts
  4. An awesome sock/ stocking for ShibuiKnits that I can’t show you yet.  Oh, cruel Fate!

Still ongoing:

  • Seed Rib Winterset
  • Fence vest
  • Handknits For Hard Knock Kids hat&mitten sets – four of them.  I’m mostly done with the first set, but have been avoiding this group of WIPs because I don’t want to be responsible for sending half of the children in the Oregon Foster Care system to the hospital with MV2.  Just imagine the headlines.  Oy.
  • My What’sIt (don’t ask)
  • And a whole bunch of socks.

Patterns in progress: oh, a lot.  I have so many it’s getting hard to keep track any more.  I’m going to need a spreadsheet.

Am I making any sense?  I’m still on the hard drugs for another two days (keep your fingers crossed that this’ll be the end of MV2) and have been a little looped lately.  Oh, well.  Only two days to go!  And, with it being 11pm, I think I’d better take my nasty cough syrup and fall into bed.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and will enjoy their weekends!  I plan on staying inside, where it’s warm, and knitting my fingers off.  I have tons of stuff to finish for work and ShibuiKnits.  Until next time, stay toasty!

bad pictures and another free pattern

Somehow, against my better judgement, Opus lured me out of the house today using pitiful foretellings of the Holiday to come (her grandmother, the uber Girl Scout is descending in, t-minus, 12 hours!). Whoo-oo, people were as crazy as expected. Eek. Hiding seemed the best idea, which we did to the best of our abilities. I brought along my new toy (which I posting with now), so Opus could see it. She’s expressed interest in it multiple times.

As we sat in the Central Library (hiding, see?) and I checked the foot size of Maggie, I tried out something new: the webcam. So, I took a picture of Maggie’s sock IP:

Sock for Maggie, take 2

Opus, being Opus, wanted to play with the ‘new’ gadget, too:


Bad pix, I know. But I can’t show you progress pix of Project #3 – which IS progressing, enough so that I had to buy shorter circulars this afternoon, ha! – so these’ll have to do. See, Leslie, I do totally listen to you :D And, I am sooooo close to the saddles, I can almost taste it.

And the last bit? Here’s something for ya, Autuman Socks pattern (PDF). I got a couple of requests on ravelry for the patten for my sockdown: december! socks, and decided to whip it up. If there are errata, I apologize, but I don’t have an editor locked in the basement. (Actually, we don’t even have a basement to lock an editor in.)

But now I must go back to Project #3, I’m almost at the end of another ball. I’ve lost count of which one this’ll be. It hardly matters. Hopefully, it’ll be the last…

conceding defeat

I am absolutely exhausted. But I can’t sleep. I took 2 Excedrin earlier (on top of drinking several caffeinated beverages) to ward of a migraine that’s been stalking me for days. The result? No sleep for me. I gave up on rest half an hour ago after lying in bed for well over an hour.

Anyway. To be completely contrary and stubborn, I’m posting the Chartres pattern for free. Pffft! to everyone who thinks I should charge for every single pattern I write. I talked at length with ShiBuiKnits tonight, I’m already guaranteed 4 pattern buys from them and several other designs I showed them have been potentially accepted. I have a meeting set up with them next week to go over the details in, well, detail.

So, what does that mean? I think that means I can afford to give away a pattern or two. Since I’m going to be selling them (ShiBuiKnits) two sock patterns as it is, they really don’t need or want the Chartres pattern that much – esp. when I already had it written up (in PDF form) for a different gauge. Let’s also not forget that I have a half-dozen ideas sketched out for different socks, anyway, that I will be selling to someone.

Right. Back to the point. The Chartres pattern is up and available and free.

We had a lengthy debate at tonight’s Sip’n’Knit on the subject of free patterns. Many people don’t think designers should give away patterns. I dunno. I don’t plan on giving away every pattern I write, but it seems silly to try and charge for them all, too.

I also appreciate how many knitters take the time to write out patterns for the rest of us, without charging even a nominal fee. It’s, like, karmic. One should give as much as one receives. And, anyway, I like writing patterns. It’s good practice and it’s a learning exercise.

One of the patterns I’m probably going to sell to ShiBuiKnits is Clara – a 1920’s felted flapper’s cloche. I got some luscious yarn at Knit/ Purl tonight to make myself one (insider’s discount!); which I’ve promised to try and bring to the meeting next week. To go with the cloche I’ll be making (tomorrow’s looking promising for that), I’ve decided to post another tutorial on how to calculate felting handknits (as well as how to felt handknits by hand). Hopefully I’ll have that done to post by Saturday.

I think that’s everything of merit. At the moment. I’m making tons of progress on the knitting. I have the buttons for the ShiBuiKnits Spocks (got them tonight) and I’m just up to my ears in ideas and patterns. Now all I need is a good night’s sleep.

Anyone want to sneak up behind me with a frying pan?

Slightly Twisted Socks FO and pattern

I finished the Slightly Twisted Sock #2 today, making for a finished pair. Since I’d written up the pattern weeks ago, all I needed was some pictures to tie everything up:






For more information on the socks and free pattern, click here.

Other stuff? Bad allergic reaction to something I ate yesterday and Saturday. Still feel yucky. This has been happening once a week since moving to Portland. I cannot figure out what I’m reacting to. Sooo, gonna try keeping a food journal. Blast, already forgot to write down today.

Yeah, this is gonna work.

No more Benadryl for me. Think I’m gonna go knit something. An FO means I can CO something new, right? I really want to try out Maia’s SKA Mystery Sock pattern, Scheherazade’s Slippers. Need to find some yarn for that, tho. Variegated would be appropriate. Hm, must go raid the stash.

Startitis, my mistress, doth call me.

Finally, finally, finally – FO & pattern

Ugh. Been battling the computer and internets for hours, it seems like. I finished my second Geraldine this afternoon, wrote up the tutorial, and finished the pattern. Well, mostly. It just wouldn’t save as a PDF file – too big, too wonky, too something. So, it’s saved as a read only .DOC at the moment, until I can fix it:

ETA: Finally, finally, finally managed to get it saved as a PDF. The formatting is crap, and I apologize, but at least it’s in a universal format now.

Geraldine silhouette

Geraldine socks pattern (PDF) & Crocheted Eyelet Cast-off tutorial

… and more Geraldine photos:



Soooo… that’s that. Until I get my PDF maker to work, anyway.

Other news? Blinding headache. ‘Nother pair of socks on the needles already, called Colinette. Truly, I haven’t the faintest idea where these ideas are coming from and who named them.

Umm. Yeah. Tired, headache. Time to go veg. I hope somebody uses the pattern :)