what a week

How is it February 24th? Last week went by in a rush. There were many doctors appointments and trips to the pharmacy (no news, alas) and endless calls to my new insurance company. Ugh. The highlight of last week, without question, was a visit from my sister and niece. Which was awesome and deserves its very own post – and should happen tomorrow (when I’m not quite so brain dead after hours of trying to track down a real human being to talk to). Until then, I wanted to share something the cat lovers out there will appreciate:

Due to the weird construction of our house, the only place our Blu-Ray/ streaming device (for Netflix, Hulu, etc) will work is on top of the DVD/ Blu-Ray case – the new favorite stoop for both cats, but Purl especially can be seen up there several times a day.

She also has an unfortunate tendency to sit on the Power and Open/Close buttons, which usually leads to her freaking out and jumping off like something bit her.  Best of all, it drives Mac (Mom’s Westie) absolutely nuts that the cats can get up there but he can’t.  So he’ll sit on the stairs and whine at whichever cat is perched.

I snapped this shot to document the craziness.  After all, everyone should appreciate it.

Hopefully all that makes sense.  I’m feeling spectacularly stupid after hours on hold and calling, calling, calling today.  Tomorrow should be better.


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