Good news (#3!)

Apparently, this is my third post entitled “Good news”.  Need to get more original, it seems.

So, yes, good news to report – I did manage to make it to the doctor’s office last week, in spite of Snowmageddon 2.0.  Even better, the doctors took me (and the situation) seriously*.  Unfortunately, we still have no diagnosis and I’ve been threatened with yet more biopsies if the condition doesn’t improve in two weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed, I really don’t want to get another biopsy!

Alas, our good fortune did not extend to the pharmacy run that was necessary after the appointment, so we got stuck outside with the crazy people.  You know who they are.  Just because your truck has chains, doesn’t mean you still get to drive 35 MPH over ice and snow.

Other than all that?  Progress has been slow.  Looking forward to posting even better news later this week.  Hopefully the tech gods will smile on me.

Here’s hoping you’re having a lovely week!

*My hopes were not high after a dismal appointment with Dermatology earlier in the week.


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