I’ve never been to Coxsackie

But I already hate it.  This Spring marks my second experience with Coxsackie Virus in the past year.  Ugh.  The entire family has been laid low and I’ve fallen so far behind on everything that I’m almost ahead.  Oy.

But, focusing on the positive, I have gotten some stuff done – including a pattern and the samples for a sock club, and finally (oh, finally!) organizing my knitting needles. Or, rather (more honestly), beginning the extensive process of organizing my needles…

Needle storage solution

Opus and I had been discussing for months various methods of containing and orgazing the needles, and had narrowed the options to a tool chest or an old-fashioned library card catalog.  After months of frustrated searches for a reasonable option, I threw my hands up in the air and went onto other crazy ideas.  Which is when, of course, Mum found a tool chest at Goodwill (you wouldn’t believe the things she finds thrifting) and brought it home for me for a grand total of $14.99.  I should give up on stuff more often.

Once it had been cleaned and measure, I went on to make labels and drawer dividers out of milk board (easier said than done, btw) for needle sizes 0 – 19.

And needle organization

This afternoon, I went through and sorted all the loose needles in various containers.  First thoughts?

  • I have way to many 3.00mm/ US 2.5 needles
  • Why do I have two dozen 2.25mm/ US 1 dpns?
  • Where the heck are my 7’s and 9’s?

Also, what am I going to do with all these needle organizers I’ve collected over the years?

Well, it’s something and that’s not nothing ;)  Next time, I have more news!  A new design and other fun stuff in the works.


2 thoughts on “I’ve never been to Coxsackie

  1. Take pics of your needle organizers and put them in your stash as for sale/trade with a price. You could also do blog giveaways. Same with the extra needles.

    I suspect that you do a lot of sock designing and start a design on one set of dpns, Come up with another design you want to test and so on and so on…… So why you have two dozen US 1 dpns. ;-)

    Sounds like you need to boost your immune system so you can stay healthy. Little echinacea? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echinacea Sending healthy thoughts your way!

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