Arashi unveiled

I truly meant to get this posted on Monday, but life being life, it just couldn’t happen. That said, I hope you’ll agree that it was worth the wait :)

May I present my latest design, Arashi?

Arashi (flat)

“Storm” in Japanese, (my use of) the name actually comes from the dyeing technique arashi shibori, in which cloth is wrapped on the diagonal around a pole (usually bamboo) and scrunched, then dyed.

Arashi (draped)

Maybe it’s crazy, but the name fits to me. (My mother disagrees.*) Either way, I’m quite pleased with the result.

Arashi (neck)

Available as the May kit in the 2012 Abstract Fiber One Skein/Two Skein Club, it can be knit with one or two skeins of Abstract Fiber Lima (shown in “Hibiscus”).

The concept and design was inspired by traditional Faroese shawls (which I am absolutely obsessed with!), but the stitch patterns came from Estonia, the Shetland Isles, and my own head. I had fun creating my own stitch patterns (the two edge designs) and making everything work together.

For more details about the design, see the Arashi on ravelry and the 2012 Abstract Fiber One Skein/Two Skein Club.**

*She thinks it looks Anglo-Saxon and should have been named something entirely unpronouncable, like Aelfgifu or Aethelfrith.

**The pattern is exclusive to Abstract Fiber for one year, please don’t ask me for a copy!


One thought on “Arashi unveiled

  1. There is an error on Row 5 Chart E.
    Can you advise what the Designer intended.
    Adding another YO does not look right and taking a decrease away gets in the way of the pattern .

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