Courant Baby Blanket

Last winter, Kristin F. and I challenged ourselves to develop some designs that would showcase the beauty of hand-painted yarns – rather than getting lost in the colours or, worse, fighting them. The results were released this June at TNNA Columbus.

My pattern, the Courant Baby Blanket, is intended to highlight those sudden colour changes one finds in a variegate:


Knit with two colours – a solid and a variegate – in a chevron garter stitch pattern I made up while swatching with the yarn.  The stitch pattern is as simple as it gets, there’s no stranding or intarsia.  Rather, each colour is worked in two row increments, then held at one side while the other color is ‘working’.  Quite frankly, I’m a little too lazy to take on a stranded colourwork baby blanket…


The result is a striking baby blanket design that is fun and super easy to knit (perfect for summer travel!) and simply stunning once blocked (the drape and gloss of the suggested yarn, Staccato, is delicious).


Lastly, the design includes an optional lace border (for those who like their eyelets) and two sizes. Knit with 6 skeins of Staccato (approx. 575 yards of each colour), it’s also a quick last-minute gift for that baby shower you forgot about ;)

For more information about the pattern, please see the Shibui Knits website or check it out on ravelry!  And while you’re at it, be sure to admire Kristin F.’s design, the Road Rage Scarf, another great pattern for implementing those beautiful variegates that tend to pool in traditional patterns.


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