Have you seen this flower?


Laurelhurst Park, Portland, OR (2011)

Feeling like one of my silly contests today. The first person to correctly identify this flower will get a (very cool) prize from the Fyberduck Prize Vault.  Submit your entry by leaving a comment on this post…

Went to Laurelhurst Park today.  More tomorrow :)


3 thoughts on “Have you seen this flower?

  1. Tami

    It’s a red currant. Have them in my front yard. ;-) Kind of funny how the berry is red but the flower is pink. The black currants have white flowers btw….

  2. Bobbie

    Easy peasy! It’s a red currant; those pink flowers turn into luscious red berries that hang in little clusters, kind of like grapes. And they make delish jam!


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