I was going to  blog, really, I was.  But then WordPress ate my post and I had to make dinner and fold, like, five million t-shirts and I’m just tired.  So, instead, I bring you a photo-journal of things that have been happening ’round here.

First and foremost, I finished and blocked the Green Mystery:

Which I knit to test the Purple Mystery pattern.  Then I bought yarn for a large Beige Mystery (sounds so exciting, eh?) and a couple other surprises:

Then Shibui released another pattern I wrote.  See Ondula:

Ondula (scarf)

See Ondula drape:

Ondula (scarf)

Now, see Ondula hang artfully next to a streetlight:

Ondula (scarf)

Lastly, see one weary blogger (last week was soooo long) go to bed early.  Toods.


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