His Nibs, the Prince of Melodrama

My brother would not be out of place as a character in a soap opera.  Last night As I went to post to this very blog and check my email on Monday, he started moaning that he was sick.  An hour later he was sick (you don’t want the details) and was convinced that it was either a) cholera, or b) E, coli poisoning.  In fact, he had looked up his symptoms on Web MD and was certain he needed antibiotics.

I’m sure you can guess how quickly we didn’t rush him to the hospital; but, rather, I prescribed him a can of Coke (sip it, don’t gulp!) and 2 Pepto tablets every 1/2 hour he felt ill.  Miraculously, his symptoms dropped off within a couple of hours and he fell asleep.

I’m sure you’re as amazed as we are that he’s still alive and eating Saltines this very minute.

But that fun little 2-hour melodrama pretty much killed any chance I had of posting last night Monday night*.  To here him tell, it was the most awful disease ever encountered or experienced by Man.  Right.  Hanta‘s got nothing on this.

Longtime readers of the blog know that I live with a pretty colorful cast of characters – they’re truly special in every sense of the word – but last night really took the cake.  Even my Dad was impressed with how certain Em was of his own imminent demise.

Anyway.  I promised yesterday a couple days ago that I’d post about my “other designs”, but I’m going to split that into two posts as I’m typing this at work on my lunch break and don’t have the time for a lengthy monologue.  Instead, here’s the short and sweet version:

Shibui HEICHI Element

Element.  The Big Thing in Portland style is the layered look, which I’m not a huge fan of, to be perfectly honest.  My goal, then, was to create a tunic-dress hybrid that even I would wear over jeans or leggings or whatever.  Mission definitely accomplished, as I’ve been considering knitting this pattern for myself ever since I finished the minty sample (above and below):


Shibui HEICHI Element

Because I’m a firm believer in the classics (har, har), the silhouette was a simple A-line with a barely discernible Empire waist.  The scoop neck makes it wearable in a variety of ways – over a turtleneck or camisole or blouse or t-shirt or whatever.  Lastly, I added in a self-finishing Seed & Slip stitch hem (no picking up stitches!) to accent the edges.

Voila, a tunic-dress that I would totally wear.  Personally, I think it’d be adorable over capris and a cami in the summer.

I would say more, but my lunch break is into overtime.  Next time we’ll talk accessories!  Oh, and lifestyle changes.

*Internet outages prevented me from posting last night.  What a pain.


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