Cover girl

Not me, obviously.  But my Shadow vest from the last post is officially the cover photo for Shibui Heichi; which, incidentally, arrived on our doorstep today…

Lindsay looks great, amirite?  Of course, it’s kind of unfair how good she looks on a daily basis, but what can you do.  Anyway.  Today (okaaay, yesterday) was the scheduled preview of the third Heichi pattern, Vortex, a hat I made up (quite literally) on the fly.

Honest to goodness, I cast on eight stitches and just went for it.  Everyone liked it so much, it was included in the book…

I knit the green one, which wasn’t modeled (…sad…), but at least makes a token appearance in the table of contents:

Actually, the green (in ‘Lichen’) hat was sent to the photoshoot, but the photos we ended up picking were a sample run-through we did with Lindsay one day during lunch.  See what I mean about her?  It ain’t fair.  At least she’s really cool about been suckered into modeling things left and right (see below).

Anyway.  Since the booklet has been finished so far ahead of schedule (like, whoa), you should expect to see more Heichi photos turning up in the next week or so.  But, don’t worry, I have some other awesome non-Heichi projects that should float some boats, liiike…

This.  The pattern with no name (remember the purple mystery?).   But that’ll have to wait until next time.  Because now I must away.


3 thoughts on “Cover girl

  1. In the directions, it says to repeat rows 35-36 til hat measures 9.75″ – does it really mean repeat rows 25 to 36?
    Thanks for clarifying

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