Man, oh man.

Am I sick of swatching.  It seems like my life has been an endless series of small knit squares (and rectangles) for the past week…


Swatches for a new Shibui booklet (with their new upcoming yarn, Heichi, a 100% silk tweed – yumm), swatches for a new line of yarns we’re going to be carrying, and swatches for swatches for swatches.  Or so it feels like.  I’ve also been working on some Top Secret projects, but can’t share them.  Lame, I know.

I can, however, share the Sock and Leverge (and new KnitPod):

Traveling Sock and Leverage

The Leverage crew have taken over our neighborhood (at work, downtown) again.  Is this the third or fourth time?  I really can’t keep track.  And as fascinating as it is to see them hustling about with giant spotlights and extras and all sorts of gadgets, it’s a pain in the tuckus.  It’d be nice to have our street back again.  Or, you know, one or two parking places.

Eh.  They’ll move on to their next location soon enough.  If they haven’t already.  This photo was from Friday.

In regards to work (aside from drowning in it), I’m developing my own version of Chaos theory:

Chaos breeds

And using my desk as the experiment.  A Nobel Prize is just around the corner.  I can feel it.

It sounds feasible, right?

Anyway.  You can see that I was proofing the upcoming Shibui Luxury booklet, which is gaining hearts all over ravelry.  Especially this cute little hat:


Tessa (the model) rocked the heck outta that.  Of course, it is an awesome design.  Love the texture detail.  The hat is the most popular pattern in the booklet, which sorta makes sense to me… but my favorite is actually Eustacia:


It’s very, as we’ve been saying at work, ‘French Lieutenant’s Woman’.  I really want one.  Without the mohair, ’cause I just love things that give me hives.  Maybe with Suri alpaca, so I’d get the same halo… or with baby alpaca.  Hm.  Tempt-ing.

My bright spot on the horizon (amidst this endless sea of swatches*) is the imminent release of Shibui Socks.  I find it kind of hilarious (and a little disheartening) that the most popular pattern from the booklet on ravelry…

Brooklyn.  The rewrite of The Button-Up Socks, a Shibui pattern I wrote over three years ago.  We (Shibui and I) decided to include it in the booklet because sales were so low.  Hah.  Knitters are so funny.

Oh, well.  Maybe it just needed to be yellow.

It’s 10:30pm and I need to fold some more laundry.  Mom’s watching another episode of Criminal Minds, one of the worst FBI shows I’ve seen.  As likeable as the characters are, it’s just so inaccurate it makes me cringe.

At least I have my knitting.  Even if it is another d@mn swatch.

*How’s that for mixing my metaphors?


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