Well, grr.

I thought I had uploaded all the photos from BSG (Black Sheep Gathering), so apparently my flickr app lied to me.  Darn.  I’m afraid that I only have the photo from last Thursday, the day after I took a tumble down the stairs at work:

Ankle braced and up

Wherein I “severely” sprained my ankle. In layman’s terms, that means that I tore or ruptured one or more (I’m thinking two) of the ligaments in my ankle and foot (feel free to cringe – I did). After the fall (aside from the pain and swelling) I couldn’t wiggle three of my toes and could only turn my ankle slightly.  Fun.

Now, the “official” story (according to several of my knitting peeps) is that I was playing at the W0rld Cup, went to intercept, and got run down by some guy named Sven.  Right.  Totally plausible.

Unofficially, I have no frickin’ idea what happened.  I’ll admit that I was running down a set of stairs that are more than 100 years old (never a good idea), and I was carrying two bags, one of which I was trying to grab something from.  The next thing I know, I’m on the floor and crying out in pain.  Super fun.

I did wander (not very far) in the brace and crutches the doctor prescribed for a day.  Until, bless her heart, Sandy Kay pulled out the walking brace that had been sitting in her closet for a while now.  It, incidentally, fits perfectly and even enables me to walk short distances (take that, crutches!) and remain somewhat mobile.  I’m not too fast on stairs, though.

After two days of ice and three days of on-and-off heat, the swelling has gone down and I can even walk short distances with the ankle wrapped in an Ace bandage.  Whoo, progress.  I may just play soccer (sorry, football) again.

In other news, I’ve gone on a spinning binge lately.  Have spun up 2 little 1 oz exotic fiber blend batts and started in on some new Abstract Fiber roving I found – Merino/ Yak, yum!   Using spindles, of course, since I still can’t bend or twist my ankle.  But, I’m not going to be deterred and have decided that I’m gonna participate in le Tour de Fleece this year:

I’ll just use my spindles.  Including the two new ones I got at BSG (sorry, no photos, blame flickr).  Maybe my current spindling binge counts as training ;)

Oh, it’s after 10pm now.  I need to prep for tomorrow.  Getting around right now takes 10 times as long (or it seems to, anyway).  I’ll post with pics of my new spindles and handspun as soon as I can get flickr to work.  Keep your fingers crossed.


One thought on “Well, grr.

  1. I too got clobbered by a large Swedish fellow playing football (really, I was going down the stairs from my deck and ended up on the ground cursing and with a giant swollen ankle). Thankfully it’s not a super bad sprain and I can walk on it alright (for trips from the couch to the kitchen or bathroom at least) the next day. A speedy recovery to us both!

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