Theory or philosophy?

So, as I am standing here at work (I close every Monday night), 5 minutes before closing, I was pondering why the heck my feet hurt so much.  I’m wearing my Sanitas, which I’ve been wearing for months now (definitely broken in), and I haven’t spent much more time on my feet today than any other day…

Then it came to me – I am wearing little cotton anklets and NOT my customary handknit woollen socks (I wear handknit socks almost every day, even in summer – unless I’m in sandals).  Could it be, aside from insulating and providing some cushioning, they also provide a bit more support than machine made socks?

Or, almost as likely, is it all in my head.

What do you think?


One thought on “Theory or philosophy?

  1. As a fellow stand-all-day-er, I definitely notice a distinct difference in sock type. I wear super thick hiking socks year round, preferably Head as they seem to hug my arch and give more support. I simply can’t wear regular thin socks, and I don’t even buy women’s socks as they are always thinner than men’s socks.

    As for hand-knit socks, I don’t know. I don’t have any, so have nothing to compare!

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