Brain… melting.

I am so sick of numbers right now.  Financial numbers, pattern numbers, currency conversions, gawd save me.  I want to go to a numberless place for a week or two.  Please.  Maybe a hunter/ gatherer society?

Unlikely, right?

Anyway. I was going to show you all the lovely Lilac bushes (trees?) we bought (shh, don’t tell Dad), but… well, stuff happened. Dad did something to his finger and had to be rushed to the ER and now the lilacs are sitting in pots out in the front yard and it’s just too sad to relate. So, I’ll give you the car full o’Lilacs instead:

Car full of lilac bushes

Hopefully, we shall have a yard full o’Lilacs soon.

It was fun betting with the Boy Scout and Boy Scout Dad whether or not they’d all fit (long story, don’t ask – and they did fit, btw).  Oh, well.  I’ll have to get a shovel out this weekend and dig some holes.   Which, of course, someone will complain about.  The smell is delicious, though, and it’s so intoxicating to walk by the pots o’Lilacs in the meantime.

In other news, the Shibui Sock book (my book of 10, er 12?, sock patterns) is coming along but we still need test/ sample knitters desperately.  If you live in the area, or are willing to do some telecommuting, and would like to knit a pair of socks (or two), we’ll totally pay you and you’ll have my eternal gratitude!   If you’re interested, please check out the requirements on ravelry.

I swear I’ll have some knitting news eventually.  Most of my knitting is either for Top Secret projects right now or is completely boring (lots of stockinette, strangely).  I’ll try and come up with some vaguely interesting to share this week, though.  Maybe the Skif IP needs to do some interesting traveling or something…  Could be fun :)


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