Must. Remain. Calm.

Sooo, yesterday I had a migraine and spent most of the day in bed, wishing I could chop my head off or try out Trepanning in a little DIY style.  But, of course, sense ruled out and I did neither.  I also didn’t do anything else yesterday – like laundry or cleaning or writing up those three last patterns for ShibuiKnits and the book.   But that was okay because I still had Sunday and I could easily do all that on a single weekend day.

Err… maybe I shouldn’t have said “Yes” to a trip to the Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens in Washington, or the subsequent sight-seeing trip in the Washington countryside, because I had a migraine when I came home, ate a little something for the pain, and promptly passed out for four hours.  So, now it’s 10:30 – oh, blast, after 11:00pm – and I have no clean laundry (or dishes) and I certainly don’t have three patterns written.  Oops?

I think I can get two patterns done tonight since, luckily, one is mostly written and just needs a little clean-up and the other is a pair of anklets.  I can totally do this.  Just don’t ask about the laundry or dishes. So, uh, now I shall leave you with two pictures. One is from the Lilac Gardens:


The other is from the Cedar Creek Grist Mill – a still-functioning water-propelled mill (built in 1876) that actually is still in use to this day. I couldn’t help myself and grabbed a bag of their Red Wheat Bread Flour. Mum insisted on grabbing the cake flour as well:

Cedar Creek Grist Mill (flour & millrace)

You can (sort of) see the millrace in the background. Check out flickr for more photos of both places.  And now I must write like the wind!


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