what a ride

D@mn, but I’m tired.  TNNA, WWKIP Day and a family visit – all in one month.  I probably could sleep for a week before I’d feel refreshed again.  Not that I’m complaining (anything but), it’s just that it would be nice to get a break in here somewhere.

Technically, I’m getting a mini-break this weekend (3 days off!), but I think I might actually plan for a week-long vacation once Sock Summit is over, cause I’ll probably need it by then.

Anyway.  Onto more interesting stuff.  Like, oh, Tegan!

Grandma and T

Mom and Dad nearly fell over when they saw how big she is now. It’s kind of shocking, I’ll admit, because I remember when she couldn’t even sit up. Crazy. And Dylan?

The grandparents and their grandchildren
Left to right: Mom, Dylan, Tegan, and Dad

Superbig now. I’m designing a sweater for him right now (Top Secret, shhh), and Alexa and I have decided to go with the 14-year-old option, instead of 12!

(P.S. No one tell the ‘rents I put that photo up)

Next on the catch up list, well, I can demonstrate to all y’all once again that I’m not actually a knitting guru. I have one heck of a knitting mistake to show off. And, oy, it’s a doozy.

Remember the Elderflower Skirt that I cast on a few months ago, fully acknowledging it was doomed to failure? Well, here’s the first big ‘Uh Oh’ to date. See the lace?


The very lace I was so proud of myself for decoding and progressing on (one-third of the way through!). Well, hah, I realised something this week – – – it’s in the wrong place.

A Big Mistake


Yeah. Partially, I blame the instructions (they’re very vague, I even showed them to Opus who couldn’t make heads or tails of where to start the lace short rows), but I also blame myself. One should not attempt lace short rows after three weeks of inadequate sleep and one too many glasses of wine (don’t ask, it was a very bad day with the server).


So, I still haven’t ripped back because, quite frankly, I just can’t face it right now. Which might explain the rapid progress of several other projects that had been sitting on the back burner for awhile, liiike Mom’s vine-y socks:


And my Euroflax/ Tsumugi Silk cardigan (no photo, sorry). Plus one or two other Top Secret projects.

In non-knitting news, I just finished the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series, which I really have to recommend to anyone who’s a fan of Greek mythology/ history. It’s hilarious (in a good way – I thought Apollo was spot-on).

Also, Mom and I went a little crazy at the Gardening Center at our Fred Meyer…

The beginnings of a new garden

… and invested in a lot of plants.


Which helped transform this:


into this:

Almost after

Much better, right? There’s still a lot of work to do, but at least I won’t be embarrassed to have Patrick and Opus over next weekend for a carding (& spinning) party.

At that’s a lot to cover in one post, but hopefully I’ll have the successful repair of the Elderflower Skirt to report next time.


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