It’s out, it’s up and it’s finally done!

You may have seen that the new Knitty is up, but unless you have an obsession with tracking designers, you might not know, but…  my socks are in this issue!!  {squee}  It was so stressful – the submission, the waiting, the tech editing, taking photos with Liz – but now it feels like it was more than worth the strain and effort.

So, here’s introducing my Absinthe socks.  Like the blurb reads, I really do want to do a series of socks based off of Art Noveau artists.  And maybe a Renaissance series.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  I’ve been considering a William Morris sock for awhile actually…

Anyway, here’s the “cover” photo:

Cover photo

And, one of my favorite pics that was, alas, not included:


And, finally, the one with the faux Gothic arches from the First Presbyterian Church down the street from the store:

I’m so glad that’s done.   And, before I commit a major faux pas, let me please thank Bonnie for taking my portrait and Liz and Lindsay for being my models.

In other news, the store’s annual Spring Sale starts tomorrow and I am dreading the masses in a way hitherto unseen, mostly because I’ve agreed to teach three of the free mini-workshops on Saturday.  Since I know how to knit Continental and Brioche (in two ways), it didn’t seem like too big of a deal to fill in for our very ill Fearless Leader.  But, ah, the Chinese Knots class is not coming along as well as one might like.  Eeep.

And, OMG, my handspinning classes start next week and I am so not prepared.  Seriously.  Do I have flax and cotton ready for my students?  No.  Beads?  Nope.  And don’t even ask about the final class at a local farm.  Oy.  I bet you can guess what I’ll be doing on Monday (my rearranged day off).

Pray for us, it’s going to be a looong weekend.

(P.S. am working on Jared’s Porom hat and loving it; am nearly done with Karen’s socks and think I might have an idea for the Sock Club’s sock!  Life is always good when there’s knitting.)


14 thoughts on “It’s out, it’s up and it’s finally done!

  1. Hi. I’m de-lurking to say congrats on your Absinthe pattern in I love love love the pattern and can’t wait to try it out. But, I have to know, the black mary janes your model is wearing in the “cover” photo, what brand are they? They’re super cute. Anyway, congrats and thanks for designing such a beautiful sock pattern.

  2. me too! please! imagine me wearing your socks in those cute shoes! that would do for perfect spring! could you tell me what brand they are? thank you! eva.

  3. Hi there enjoying your pattern I am on the les now and I am having a problem with row 4 the numbers are not working! On row 3 there are 25 stitches but on row 4 not including the YO’s there are 23 anyways things are not lining up I am wondering if a CDD is missing or something love the pattern though

  4. Your chest should be puffed with pride–the absinthe socks are spectacular and they truly remind me of the green fairy!!

  5. I found you through knitty and I just wanted to say that the socks are amazing. I can’t wait to get started on them! Congrats!!

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