the week in review

Let’s start off by admitting that it’s been a crazy one.

On Monday, Gina wore the socks I knit for her:

Gina's socks

I thought they looked awesome and she said she loves to wear ’em.

Tuesday… well, Tuesday couldn’t have been good because I don’t remember it. That’s not as strange as it might sounds, since I tend to skip entire days and never even notice it. The only thing I remember about Tuesday was the Matzah Ball soup I treated myself (and my sore throat) to at the deli down the street.

Wednesday, I assembled 150+ boxes for the January Sock kits for the store’s Sock Club:

Great Wall o Boxes

My hands cramp at the memory.

Thursday was very similar to Wednesday in that it was all about the Sock Club. (Happy New Year! by the way) Mum and Dad even came in to help us get out this month’s sock kit because there was so much to be done. Here’s Dad very dutifully folding patterns:

January sock madness

Don’t worry, I’m going to reward them. I already took Dad out for fish and chips at the Rose and Thistle (that was Friday night) and I’ve promised to take them both to Habibi. Don’t think Mum is missing out, she has two pairs of handknit socks OTN.

Friday… was long. So long it involved quite a larger amount of ‘medicinal’ drinking than I normally indulge in. No, I did not get any pictures of this quite rare phenomenon. Imagine me at a bar with my knitting, if you want to be boring and realistic.  If not, I could have been fighting demon hordes all evening.  Since I have no photos, nothing can be proven or disproven – feel free to make up a fun adventure for me.

Today (Saturday) was great. I’m still fighting off some nasty bug, so Opus and I met up and headed over to Pho Van. Pho is like the miracle cure for sore throats I am at least 100% better than I was this morning. After the Pho also came medicinal chocolate:


Which also clearly helped my world view.

This blissful interlude was, rather unfortunately, followed by the most disturbing baby Jesus Christmas tree ornament I have ever* seen (brace yourself)…

Pinup baby Jesus

Doesn’t he look like some coy 1940’s pin-up? Very distressing.

(Background: Opus and I had stopped in at a post-Christmas sale so she could stock up on presents for next year. Oh, the trauma we suffered for the sake of her relatives. I made Opus distract the sales staff while I, ah, documented this travesty for posterity’s sake.)

Though, as we left the store, we were treated to the sight of the Beaverton Town Center clock tower lit up:

Beaverton TC Tower

Which was quite pretty. I don’t envy the person (or persons) who get(s) to put up and take down all those lights every year.

And now I’m home.  I probably should mention all three new knitting projects I’ve started in the past two days and a bunch of other things, but I’m tired and ready for bed.  Maybe next time.  If I feel up to it, I’m going to try and post tomorrow.  ‘Til then, watch out for those demon hordes…

*So, of course, I simply had to photograph it.


3 thoughts on “the week in review

  1. That is the most disturbing baby Jesus I think I’ve ever seen. Wait, parhaps not. At the Huntington Library in Pasadena, Ca, they have the “Hall of Scary Baby Jesus”. Of course, that what we call it, the library people call it something much nicer. But it’s filled with terrible anglo paintings of Mary and Jesus and He just looks wrong in all of them. If’n you’re ever in SoCal, you definately should go take a gander.

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