when overtime is too much time

It’s so weird to be sitting here at home on a Wednesday morning, not getting ready for work or even working from home (it happens).  Taking a weekday off is throwing me off-kilter.  And I’m bored already.

Doesn’t bode well for the rest of the day, does it?  I suppose I could clean or something, once I finish answering all the emails I can find that I’ve been waiting to respond to.  I should mention that, should I actually find all the emails I wanted to reply to, I might be sitting with my laptop until midnight.  So, if you (kindly knitter/ reader/ friend) have recently emailed me with a question about a pattern/ my social life/ invading space monkeys that I didn’t respond to immediately, it was because I was too brain-dead to answer it at the time and knew it.  Please be patient with me, I have some emails dating to late September that I still haven’t answered.

And, yes, I feel guilty about that.

Moving on to something less heavy and a lot prettier, I have Seraphim photos!  Admittedly, I didn’t take them and I’m certainly not the model, but I knit the darned thing, so I’m claiming some credit.  3M and Lindsay (both coworkers) and I all spent the better part of an hour yesterday taking artistic photos for the store.  My job was to hold the reflector, bodily reposition Lindsay (3M wouldn’t touch her), and arrange the knitwear.  Lots of fun, really.  I dragged them to Tanner Springs Park – my favorite public park in the Pearl and it’s only a 5 minute ride on the Streetcar from the store.   (Okay, the photos on that page don’t do the park justice, see these.)

I also showed Lindsay and 3M (while we were setting up the camera and reflector, honest) how to tickle the fish.  Always fun.

I have to say Lindsay was a very good sport about being constantly repositioned and rearranged,  but I think everyone at the store will agree the time was well-spent.  We’ll be using at least one of these below for publicizing Miriam Felton’s upcoming visit…

Seraphim wingspan

Seraphim sassy

Seraphim wrapped

Seraphim poised

Project specs?  Let’s see:

  • Pattern: Seraphim Shawl by Miriam L. Felton
  • Needles: US 5 / 3.75 mm (I used 24″, 32″ and 47″ Addi Turbo’s)
  • Yarn: just over 2 skeins of Knit Purl’s The Natural Collection (382 yards per 100g skein), hand-dyed with natural dyes by Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks.
  • Pattern mods: none.
  • Blocked it with blocking wires and foam board (definitely recommend this technique!)

And, if you’re really bored, there are more photos here.

Back to Miriam.  I’m really excited (and signed up for the Introduction to Lace Design workshop) about her coming to Portland and already have a sketch of the shawl I want to make.  It’s going to be awesome (the workshop, not necessarily the shawl – I know not to tempt the Fates).  All I have to do is choose the yarn from my stash, which is going to difficult, since half of it is meant for something else.  Er.  And because I really want to knit Icarus now (always have) and need to allot that some yarn, too.  My comfort room with the lace yarn in the stash is diminishing, since I have more projects queued than I have yarn.  Not a good ratio.

But entirely irrelevant, for the time being.  I still have to finish 3 sweaters, 2 cowls, 1 snood and Heaven knows what else.  Which means that I need to stop typing this, answer my emails and get knitting.  Maybe it’s time for another Lord of the Rings marathon, or something.

Oh, and if you’ve seen my camera, please let me know!


5 thoughts on “when overtime is too much time

  1. You have a very beautiful model there!! I think the third one down is the best one. Not that you asked for my opinion or anything. The shawl is gorgeous too!!

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