A Passover Seder

I feel less like a Bad Jew this year. If we tally up the holidays I have, in fact:

  • eaten apples and honey for Rosh Hoshanah
  • fasted for Yom Kippur
  • attempted to light the menorah (we won’t discuss the problems I had with that)
  • made Hamentashen for Purim
  • and had a Seder last night for Pesach

Admittedly, it was a little on the speedy side (two somebodies arrived over an hour late, so the food was going to become charcoal if we didn’t rush). Of course, I made the effort yesterday afternoon in the midst of cooking, cleaning and negotiating world peace to bring my digicam into the front room in preparation for the night’s events:


You can see above that I had to make do with the place settings – I could only find the hand-embroidered table cloth but not the napkins that went with it and only the damask napkins but not the table cloth that goes with them. Sometimes I think I’m followed around by Nargles.

Anyway. Because I am an idiot, I even remembered to take pictures of my sock in progress, being knitting with Lorna’s Laces in “Gold Hill” (and no discernible pattern):


And a pair of finished socks:


But none of the finished table or ceremony later.

(sigh) Oh well. It went well. Terrisa and Patrick eventually arrived and we all ended up staying up waaaay past our bedtimes. Opus arrived on time, so she gets extra brownie points or something.

Since I know I’ll get questions about the socks above, here’re the specs:

  • Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Silkie in “Blue Brick Wall”
  • Needles: 3MM 24″ Addis
  • Pattern: It probably goes without saying that I made it up as I went

I have to admit that I really, really liked this yarn. Much more than I normally enjoy Socks That Rock. STR tends to, in my experience, be a bit overspun and dense – making for a cast-iron-like sock. I know some knitters (many, in fact) who love that about STR. I’m just not one of that crowd. I liked that the Silkie was softer and smooshier. And I like the tweedy look. All we have to do now is see how they wear…


2 thoughts on “A Passover Seder

  1. In my (admittedly limited) experience with Socks That Rock, the stiffness really seems to vary. Some colorways feel like cast-iron, as you say, but others are softer and squishier. But use what you love!

  2. ooh yet another reason to try STR (i do like iron strength socks).

    you are a good jew. we’re seen as nuts as our sederim ended prior to 2am (we left my inlaws at 11:30, note: we started about 9:30)

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