Dammitall.  WP is being a pest.  It changed the formatting and everything and now it looks like there’s no easy way to upload files.  Someone save me!

The Gremlins have obviously followed me home from work…

Oh, finished the Silkie socks, CO a pair of traveling socks and need to choose a Jeanie Townsend pattern for Sockdown: April.  Heaven help me.


5 thoughts on “AAARGG

  1. penny

    Yah, they upgraded. I’ve not looking into it much yet…

    Quickly, I think :
    at Write post, on the top of the textbox where you write your post is a section of funky little icons, the right-most one is a *. That is “add media” and I think what you want.

    I’ll upgrade soon and be able to provide further advice.


  2. stephieface

    Oh I feel ya- It took me ages to find the “add image” icon. Its not terrible to work with… not like the old Blogger updates (did you feel that? that was me shivering in horror). A little email with a map of the updates would have been nice… like “Hey, we straightened your desk for you… and before you go screaming that you now can’t find anything, here is where I put what”.

  3. Laura

    So, since you’re done with socks, does that mean you’ll be starting on the snood? I’ve not only finished my green dress, but also a lovely new gold silk hat to go with it!

  4. Greyor

    WP 2.5 is fantastic — I assume they just upgraded it, yeah. I’m loving it personally. Are you ever going to get your own domain name for your musings? :)


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