On why I shouldn’t be allowed to Tech Edit myself

Designing is the easy part. I sketch something out, calculate the measurements and then hash together a rough pattern in my head. Writing out the actual pattern, for multiple sizes, is hard. Which is why every designer needs a tech editor. In particular, I tend to need one when I’m writing patterns with more than 3 sizes. Somehow, when I get to 4, it tends to melt my brain interesting ways.

For me, this hypothesis was proven during the editing process of the Button Up Socks (the children’s version, with two sizes, needed little to no editing, it must be mentioned). The Felted Cloche? Nada. Same goes for all my regular sock patterns.

But, oy. That Pattern (being edited right now), is so full of miscalculations I should be called NASA. My/ the ShibuiKnits Tech Editor and I are working on this. I hope to have it finished by the Fall of 2010.

Next on the list of failed upsizings, is the little Offset Wraplan. And, while I did have it glanced over by Emmos, that wasn’t enough. The sheer volume of questions, complaints, and registered problems in the past year has been … well… embarrassing.

Yet, here’s the pattern, edited and updated for, what, the sixth time? Seventh? I’ve actually lost track. But, so far as I can tell, nearly every minutiae of the directions have been checked:

Offset Wraplan (PDF)

(I really, really hope so, anyway)

And now it is time for some comfort knitting. If I trusted myself to be able to stop, I’d do some comfort spinning. But that road leads to a dangerous place I dare not tread right now.


3 thoughts on “On why I shouldn’t be allowed to Tech Edit myself

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