Project #3’s pattern has been edited, edited again, and sent in to my editor.  I actually made the new deadline.  Wow.  What were the odds?

In other news?  I’m going with Opus and maybe Leslie to check out <a href=””>Yarnia</a&gt; tomorrow.  Should be interesting.

Uh… lemme see…  Oh, yes, we had OVER 200 PAIRS OF SOCKS submitted for Sockdown: December!  The deadline was last night, midnight PST, and I couldn’t be more pleased.  How wonderfully insane are my ravelry peeps?  Too cool.  Also, we won the best ravelry KAL/ CAL Bobby, and I’ll be receiving a little package of goodies to dole out as prizes (probably for March or April) because of this.  I love ravelry ^_^

I need to go to bed soon, since I have to get up and meet Opus at Borders tomorrow morning.  I promise to make every effort to actually take a camera with me and get photos of Yarnia.


2 thoughts on “an

  1. So, I love the sockdown socks I see done on the Ravelry sites. Is the part on the back of the heels supposed to be half of a heart? I LOVE it. I wish I had been a more competent knitter to join in, maybe by next year this time, I could attempt a sock this complicated. It is very cute. You are a good designer. I made a Patna. Very nice. Thanks, juli

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