Wild is the wind.

In the Portland area, anyway. Went up Mt Tabor today and the wind was blowing the snow off of Mt Hood. I had to take a photo:


I mean, really. How often does one see something like that? It was frigidly cold out all day, but well worth the effort of climbing up the half-frozen hill. Anyway. Got home, edited patterns and was just about to lie down, wheeen…

Oy, my cell went off. I had forgotten that tonight was a Sock Knitters Night. Just as I was in sweats and everything (sigh). So… I changed, ran out the door and just barely made it to the shop in time. While I was there, I worked on these,


And my nearly-finished Socks for Maggie. Much progress was made on both. Opus and I then went to dinner.

But, I doubt all y’all really care. The two big things to blog about tonight? TheBon won the Name This Creature contest and I have her prize ready, along with the make-up Wacky Ducky Prize. I had fun picking them out. I should be able to send the lot in a day or two, hopefully at the same time as my Socks for Maggie (which are literally 6 rows away from being an FO).

The other? The final clue for the Sockdown: January Mystery Socks:

Clue #4 (PDF)

Of course, since January has FIVE weeks (blast it), I’m going to reveal the pattern’s name and influence next week. Bah! to five-week months.

4 thoughts on “Wild is the wind.

  1. Are you going to be around this weekend? I’m trying to twist TheBoy’s arm about taking me up to Portland just to get some air, and if you’re around, we should meet up. It’s supposed to still be cold, but meh.

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