falling in love

Well, I take it back.  I am actually quite proud of my work on Project #3.  I brought it into the store today and everyone were very excited.  I didn’t get too, well, effulgent until Patrick came in and tried it on for me. 

Oh, (::sigh::), it looked fantastic.  He totally worked it.  I have regained my confidence as a men’s wear designer.

I took photos, all of which he has stolen for his myspace page.  I’ve put up my favorites in a set on flickr, that only friends and family will be allowed to see (sorry, ShibuiKnits rules).  But, if you friend me you can see it :)

Other news?  The Crew leave for TNNA tomorrow and Hashem help us all.  I’m also working on getting the Rose City Knitters fundraiser stuff off of the ground.  The newsletter for Knit/Purl is finished (I had to lock myself in the Knit/Purl storage room, with all the yarn, to get it done) and it should be up on the website in a few days.  Sock Knitters meet tonight, so I’m killing time at the Powell’s cafe until it’s safe to return.

The Mystery Socks are going well, and I am a dork.  Honest to goodness, I thought last night was the 7th and that today would be the 8th, so I put up the 2nd clue a little early.  Damn N for informing me that I had gotten the date wrong (well, no, not really, but he didn’t have to correct me).

Anything else to note?  I really want to take dance classes.  Any PDX residents got suggestions?  I might be able to finagle a dance partner, who knows…

Also, um, I am really, really, really extremely behind on my email.  Please forgive me if you’ve sent me a message in recent, er, weeks and I haven’t replied.  I am desperately hoping that I’ll have time to get to everything in my inbox over the TNNA repite (let me lie to myself, alright??).

Have to leave in a moment, sock knitters will be descending.  Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “falling in love

  1. That sweater must have been awful naughty to have been hung on the rack like that…..

    Tell me what I want to know! lol

    It must have gotten off for some very good behavior… ahem ;)

  2. How do I add you as a friend on flickr? I’ve looked at it for a while now and it doesn’t seem to want me to….

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