I am such a slacker

and, yet, I don’t feel too guilty about it.

As soon as I finish writing this, I’ll fix the pattern D asked me to edit and work on my “market research” (reading the latest VOGUE Knitting and YMN) for an informal report tomorrow. What did I spend the day doing?

We-ell, I have a free pattern ready for the Knit/Purl’s January Newsletter, when Terrisa needs it. I took pictures of the yarn Snowberrylime spun for me for the Fall Handspun Swap, and I wrapped up Sockdown: November! on ravelry.


(aren’t they pretty?)

I guess I haven’t been completely slacking.

(if you ignore the hour I spent playing on thefacebook’s Oregon Trail application, the damn thing is CRACK)

Tomorrow? Weekly web report, a post for the other blog, time to track down a sweater blocker, and make everyone eat their vegetables.  It’s gonna be a loooong day, I can tell.


3 thoughts on “I am such a slacker

  1. Yeah, I’m avoiding the Oregon Trail app. I take up enough time with Scrabulous. Awhile back you made a comment about my prize from that ancient photo contest you had. You didn’t mail that did you [just asking because if you did it never got here and we’ll need to shake our fist at the mail.]

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