fluffy white stuff

We got snow today, which I’m totally going to use to distract you lot from the fact that I can’t take a photo of Project #3 and that I still haven’t finished it. (don’t look at me like that)  It IS on the 24″ needle (finally!) and I think I have 2 collars figured out for the pattern.  Designing men’s wear is difficult.  Anyway, back to the snow…

I took Charlie out back, because he’s a freak for the frozen, white stuff:


… then noticed that my hair was full of snow and had to get that (and Charlie’s tail)…


And that’s about that. Alas, the snow melted off by mid-afternoon.

Now I must go back to my knitting.  And pattern-writing.

P.S. if you’re curious about how our OFB food drive went, see this :)


3 thoughts on “fluffy white stuff

  1. stephieface

    We had some snow here, but not anywhere near Christmas…… which makes Christmas awesome! I am a snow hater, dispiser of flakes, and I dislike being trapped in my home by precipitation.

    Congrats on the OFB haul! Knitters ARE the awesomest givers.

  2. penny

    hope that things are going well for you even even with the white stuff. we haven’t had anything and only the past two days have qualified as “winter” (grey cold and feeling like it’s been ongoing forever).


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