That was interesting

Yesterday was insane. On top of the PBS film crew showing up to film the store (etc), we got several LARGE shipments in:

  • one from Kauni (10 lbs worth of yarn!)
  • Circs from Clover
  • SP’s and DPNS from Crystal Palace

And one very special, very small, shipment of sock yarn…


The solid orange is/ will be ShiBuiKnit’s newest yarn – 75/25 merino/cashmere sock yarn. The multi is ShiBuiKnits Sock in “Autumn”. I’ve been given the task of making a pair of socks with them and wearing them for a couple of weeks, then presenting a small report on the durability of the new yarn compared to the regular Sock.

Oh, the things we do for work.

The film crew showed up at 3:30 and immediately took over the shop:

PBS film crew

Please pardon the blurry, camera-phone, shot. In my rush to get around yesterday morning, I forgot to grab my digicam and then to eat something real (adding to the shaky-hands factor). But it all worked out. Opus and I escaped downstairs, where I labeled the new needles that had come in – so they could be sold to the droves of knitters who had shown up.

Eventually, I kidnapped Opus, Terrisa and Kat, just because we were all a bit frazzled. As we left, Opus made me take a picture of the window display Terrisa had been slaving over for the past few days:

Knit/ Purl window display

The we went and got tea. Well, Opus actually had tea and crumpets. I have to go back there just to try that.  And now I have to help mum.  After that: Project #3 countdown starts.


One thought on “That was interesting

  1. Wow. What a day!

    If they ever need someone who has little feet (i can get a real pair out of skein of most sock yarns) but does wear socks REALLY hard… ;)

    Terrisa’s window is AWESOME.

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