Still life

For some reason, my mother is laboring under the misapprehension that I understand the finer mechanics of setting up a still life. Even so, I dutifully went with her to her studio today, which is located in the basement of the historic Troy Laundry building (seen below):


and I really tried my best to help her set one up. I don’t know if I managed to help at all, but I did make an effort (also seen below):


We also went hunting across Portland for small plastic icons, once it became apparent that Mum didn’t have everything she needed for the painting. Right. We found some. Along with other bits and bobs. TheBon just might kill me, but at one thrift store I discovered a bag of 36 handmade 1″ button magnets for $5. Mum didn’t believe me when I told her what a steal this was until we hit another store that was selling the same thing for $2 each. Ha!

When we got home, I had to have a little lie-down because of an incipient migraine (ooh, what fun), but when I woke up Hogfather had finished taping! As everyone on the planet knows, I’m a fanatic of Terry Pratchett and Discworld. It was very exciting to finally see the movie. And much fun. I kept having to explain stuff (like the Death of Rats) to family members who’ve never read the series.

I’m watching it again now, by my lonesome, so I can really enjoy it.

Also, you might have noticed, I’m (always) working on streamlining the blog. Suggestions would be wonderful. I feel like I’m stumbling in the dark when it comes to this stuff. My natural inclination is to jam-pack things (links, pictures, etc) in everywhere, which just doesn’t work. I’m not too good at editing myself, either. But, no one really is, so one shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Is it really 1AM? Maybe I should finish the movie in the morning. Later this morning. Happy Hogswatch everyone ;D


2 thoughts on “Still life

  1. Why would I kill you? Because they were cheap? My wedding favor ones certainly didn’t cost $2 each, and apart from paper, I didn’t pay for them. ;) They were a gift.

  2. Just curious; which one of the Discworld novels would you recommend reading first? I started with Interesting Times, and it seemed kind of like jumping into the middle of a conversation.

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