Turkey. No, roast chicken. Close enough, eh? With just 4 of us, we’re going smaller in the poultry section of tonight’s menu.

Ah, yes. Thanksgiving. This time last year we were knee-deep in our Rabbi’s kitchen, cooking up a dinner for over 20 people. Tonight, I’m more than thankful in that we’re taking it easy and have been watching movies while the chickens roast (oh, alright, we’re roasting two chickens). In between peeling potatoes and making cranberry sauce (no canned crap for us), I took a photo of my November Mystery Sock #1 (by Mona Schmidt):

November Mystery Sock #1

Which I’m knitting for Sockdown: October!, by means of the fact that I was Mona’s test-knitter and I switched the RT’s for cables, making it eligible. That last sentence will only make sense to Sock Knitters Anonymous members who’re actually participating in Sockdown: ravelry! And, I can finally post photos of the finished sock because the 4th clue came out today. Mona’s unveiling (correct term?) the name of the pattern next Thursday :)

They’re the ONE project I’ve been letting myself work on other than Project #3, just because I had to test-knit all the clues before they could be posted and I need to get the pair done by November 30 to retain my sock-knitting street cred.

I’m also thinking of knitting the L version for my Socks for Maggie donation.  I really like the stitch pattern and they’re fun to knit (not easy, but not impossible).  I won’t get ’em done in time (I warned kemtee of that early on), but I will get them done and sent off before the New Year.

And, now, I think I need to cut up some potatoes and boil ’em.  Dad’ll never forgive me if I don’t make mashed potatoes tonight.  I won’t forgive me, what with homemade cranberry sauce to put on ’em.

Mmm.  Cranberry sauce.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving (those of you in the U.S. and inclined to celebrate).  Everyone else… Happy Un-Birthday, I guess ;D


4 thoughts on “mmm…

  1. what fun! we had yum too. my MIL cooked. i’m spoilt. i really like your sock bag. that fabric looks quite familiar and nice! (that fabric shop closed. waah).

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