more numbers

In lieu of a picture tonight, I present another tutorial: The Mathematics of a Traditional Heel*. I had to figure out a whole bunch of algebraic equations this afternoon as I was checking another set of edits from W, the ShiBuiKnits pattern editor, when I decided to just post ’em in tutorial format – so I (and you!) can find and use ’em later.

They should come in handy for designers and sock enthusiasts – all the formulae you’ll need to knit a heel flap, calculate the heel, turning the heel, and the gussets.  If there’s interest, I might just write a tutorial for the Mathematics of a Short-Row Heel.  Maybe.  If I ever find the time, anyway.

Other stuff? Sleeve #1 is CO and … that’s about it. This sweater is dominating all my knitting time at the moment.

I have no life.

*Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten my promises for other tutorials.  I swear I’ll write them when I have a couple of hours to string together.


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