Jetting about town

We took A and baby T about SE Portland today, sticking mostly to Hawthorne and Belmont. Twas quite a bit of fun. I got two modeled shots of baby T in her new sweater:



…and, close-up:

I had all sorts of trouble getting a good shot of her, so I finally gave in and took some moderate ones :) Squirmy baby fun.

Baby T and I took a nap afterwards (I didn’t get much sleep last night and neither did she), so when we woke up ( she started screaming in her crib next to my bed…)  half the family is off getting food and movies. Yay. I gotta go and entertain my niece, Grandma’s alone on the front.

No new knitting to report…


2 thoughts on “Jetting about town

  1. Carol

    Perfectly good pictures. I don’t know what you mean by “moderate”. the sweater is adorable. The teeny jeans are too cute. The kid is beyond cute.


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