Photo post

Went for a hike up Mt Tabor today (forgot to visit the caldera again), but took tons of photos. Mt. Tabor is the only active (well, sorta) volcano within a city’s limits in the US (on the mainland, anyway). I was loving the autumn foliage…



And autumn light. It turns almost thin this far North:






And, of course, the obligatory shot of Portland:


To our amusement, when we got home, look who was out back eating weeds:


Good birdie!  (we rewarded him with a handful of granola)


One thought on “Photo post

  1. stephieface

    You could go all Nathan Fillion and the cat on Emperor Fabulous. All though Nathan hated the cat, he gave it a cat door, a house, a heating pad, food, medicine it has to take everday, a stairway to his bed, the house on a chair to keep it from critters………..

    Of course I would refrain from getting a Peacock Door, who knows what he would do to your stash.


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