ye g-ds

I opened the back door to let the dog out into the backyard, and the peacock was standing right outside it. Again. (So I shoved Charlie back into the kitchen and slammed the door shut – all I need is a great bloody bird trying to come inside)

I told Emm and his classic response was, “There’s a great fricking peacock in the backyard!!” as he stared out the window at it.

Wow, thanks. That helps.

It might interest you to know that there is peacock poo all over the patio (yes, I discovered this by stepping in it).

I’m afraid to let the dog out (he’ll attack it, I just know it) and I’m not certain the bird can fly – it’s primaries look damaged. Maybe he’ll go away, right? If not, Animal Control it is, I guess… I can just imagine how that conversation is going to sound.

I know. I leave it alone and let Dad handle it (they’re coming back tonight, after closing the deal on the house – w00t!). He has so much fun dealing with the City anyway. I shouldn’t deprive him of a chance to wrangle with bureaucracy, that would be cruel.


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