2 buttons shy

2 buttons. Ack. I finished knitting the children’s left kneehigh spock this evening, pressed it with steam, and proceeded to start sewing on the buttons. I need 14 buttons for one kneehigh. Why could I only find twelve? Did ShiBuiKnits give me 12 or 14? I can’t remember.

Oh, I hope I didn’t lose two of those buttons…

Well, at least kneehigh spock #1 is mostly finished*.

Does that mean I get to CO something for myself? No. I CO the right kneehigh spock (yes, I know I have no buttons for when I finish it) and went to work. I also spent the last hour re-editing the pattern. I’m going to have this bloody thing memorized soon.


At least tomorrow’s the Sip’n’Knit, and I can show off the “mostly finished” spock to the nice ShiBuiKnits people. It won’t make much difference because the pattern editor is out of town until next week, but eh. At least I haven’t been slacking.

This blog must be getting so boring. I’m sorry. I’ll design a free pattern or elope or something in a month or two to make things more interesting…

*Yes, “mostly finished” is like “mostly dead”


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