As I walked home from the bus stop this afternoon, still euphoric from my meeting with Kristin (pattern editor of ShiBuiKnits), I had to stop. Full. Stop. It finally occurred to me that I just might have over-scheduled myself again…

My deadlines list for the next two months:

  • Oct 29, 2007: Send-out date for the Fall-ing For Pratchett Swap. [I’ve already started knitting!]
  • Nov 7, 2007: revised Clara cloche and pattern must be turned into ShiBuiKnits. [pattern’s half-way done]
  • Nov 15, 2007: Modern Fisherman’s sweater and pattern must be turned into ShiBuiKnits AND the send-out date for the Fall Handspun Swap (WTH was I thinking??). [uh, I’ve swatched for the Fisherman’s sweater and more-or-less chosen the fiber for the Handspun Swap]
  • Nov 30, 2007: Socks for Maggie must be knit and sent in. [I have sock yarn? … lots and lots of sock yarn?]

Not to mention that I have a job interview tomorrow that I give myself 50/50 odds of getting. Oh, and I simply must finish Stephie’s jaywalkers (so close!!), the diamondback socks for Mum, and Tegan’s off-set wraplan. Should be a piece of cake.

Right. Breathe. This is good, right? The Swaps are fun and good karma. So are the socks for Maggie (which are going to include either cables or be from a Nancy Bush pattern, to fit the Sockdown: October! requirements). And the ShiBuiKnits contracts? Well, I’m still blissful over them. They want the “samples” and patterns done by mid-November, so they can have them published and ready for the TNNA Winter Tradeshow.

I can do it. I just won’t get to knit a single thing for myself in the next 2 months.

But, hey, I’ve got 12 skeins of ShiBuiKnits Merino/ Alpaca sitting on my bed, soft and luxurious, waiting to be knit up. Life’s not that bad ^_^


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