Another tutorial

Which may or may not make sense. I hope it does. Um, yeah, feedback is always good.

But, now that I have my swatch, I can CO Clara (the felted flapper cloche). Now all I need to do is, uh, figure out the pattern. And, like, measurements. It’s always the measurements that hold me up.

Found out yesterday that A and baby T are coming to visit in the first week of October. Since progress is being made on T’s offset wraplan, I am not panicking yet.

I also got a job offer at J. Jill yesterday. They gave me an application and told me to come back. Apparently they were impressed with my advice. I dunno if they’ll actually hire me, but it was kinda cool. Mum wants me to get the job just because employees get a 40% discount.


Bugger. I need to knit the knee-high spocks, don’t I? I should get on those…


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